15 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

Everyone deserves a place where we can relax after a long day or just to be quiet, recharging our batteries. These places should be the mirror of our personality, transmitting emotions and feelings, and make us feel safe and comfortable. Today, Rug’Society suggests 15 Contemporary Rugs for your comfortable nook.

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5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

A trendy reading corner with earth tones and terracotta details by the Sika armchair of BRABBU. The Golden Bugs Rug brings the shadows of brown and beige, completing the look with its bugs that creates a botanical feeling.

Golden Bugs Rug

5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook
luxurious reading corner with fluffy round rug in white

With the wonderful OSLO rug, one of the fluffiest rugs out of the shaggy collection, this reading corner is the perfect ambiance for the wintertime. The combination of this shaggy round rug made of the finest materials and the white armchair gives this living area a luxurious feel.

This modern design is what a luxurious office should totally be about! From its daring shapes to the intense lighting, this is a room that amazes.

Design Service 2019

Inventive and utterly charming, this youthful bedroom is what design genius is all about!

5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

This urban reading corner with the Inkblind I Rug is the perfect representation of the power that body arts have in modern life and the goal is to bring that power into interior design.

Inkblind I Rug

5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

An incredible bedroom that accommodates a child’s imagination perfectly, while also never losing its luxurious nature.

The Agatha Rug in brown makes this bedroom design even cozier matching the shades from the bed and bedside table.

5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

A modern classic hallway corner with a botanical reference by the Feline Rug, that brings a geometric twist and the fauna and flora reference. This botanical rug creates a strong, imposing, and dominant feeling in this room.

Feline Rug

5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

This modern classic bathroom design has our gold and white Cell Rug contrasting with the black diamond bathtub.

This girl’s bedroom design has an amazing white round rug.

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5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

Showcasing various different pastel colors, the LA LAND Rug is a long pile of the collection. Blended with a fluffy feeling, this trendy rug creates a nook full of strength and modernity. Created with New Zealand Wool as well as Bamboo Silk.

La Land Rug

5 Contemporary Rugs For a Comfortable Nook

This neutral-toned bedroom design has a modern bedroom rug bringing the whole look together.

This beautiful modern classic bedroom design in grey hues is simply beautiful with a textured bedroom rug making all the difference.

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The Joh Rug brings this midcentury modern hallway design together, perfectly matching all the tones of the elements present in this division.

A pink and green sister’s bedroom design with a uniquely designed round rug.

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