Luxurious Interior Designing by SAG'80

Luxurious Interior Designing by SAG’80

SAG’80 story began fifty years ago, focusing on designing spaces full of personality. Today, the company is a leading player in the sector of interior design and furniture through its four showrooms in Milan, where you can find the best national and international design brands.

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Interior Designing by SAG’80

Having a complete Interior Design Service, SAG’80 realizes every kind of projects. The team ensure high attention to detail, focusing on costumer needs and desires.

SAG’80 Luxurious Interior Design

With so much accumulated experience, the company strives to deliver the home of every costumer dreams. Today, Rug’Society brings you the most Luxurious Interior Designing by SAG’80.

Luxurious Interior Design Projects by SAG’80

1- Private Luxury Compound

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

SAG’80 team mixed luxury and comfort to design this master bedroom. The right choose of colors and materials combined with the luxurious rug, bring to this bedroom a super cozy ambiance.

Design Service 2019

2- Residence Loma Vista

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

This project follows clean and modern lines that, combined with the right details makes it a perfect elegant and luxurious spot.


Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

3- Aristo Social Club

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

The charm of the atmosphere recalls the beginning of the last century, and is accompanied by the style of careful planning in to make sure the stay in Aristo Social Club is unforgettable and comfortable .


Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

In collaboration with Piero Lissoni Studio, the team designed a high-class Villa in Como. Clear and minimal lines were the perfect choice to this project which combined with the natural palette of colors, the walls between indoor and outdoor seem to dissolve.

5- Fontana Milano 1915

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

For Fontana Milano 1915, a brand with a long tradition in the production of exclusive leather bags and accessories, the team carried out a project able to blend contemporary and classic style, in order to emphasize the dual soul of this shop in the heart of Milan.

The Best Tapestry

6- Luxury home in Hong Kong

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

The elegance and the style of the Italian design are exported to the country of the Rising Sun, creating a new mix of styles and culture.

7- A Fabulous Mansion in Los Angeles

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

To design this luxurious project, there was a concern to link American Modern Taste with Italian which was achieved by putting some timeless pieces and a neutral palette.

8- A Design Gem in Dallas

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

In this residence, classic design meets contemporary taste and the architectural structure serves as a treasure chest, ready to embrace all the precious furniture inside.

9- Torre Solaria

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

Torre Solaria Palace is the highest residential building in Italy which lead to the design of complete modern and contemporary interiors.


Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

10- Luxurious Living Room

Luxurious Interior Designing by  SAG'80

 A luxurious living room, where in a house to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Designed to be comfortable, welcoming and full of style. ⠀

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