Top Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Palermo is the natural stage for the growth of many very well-renowned Interior Designers and Architects. The city ambiance, its romanticism and vibrance, are inspiring factors to those artistic movements. Then you can read the selection of Top Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers that we, Rug’Society made for you, and see why the city is so rich.

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1- AM3 Architetti Associati

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

AM3 Architetti Associati was founded in 2011 by the architects Marco Alesi, Cristina Cali, and Alberto Cusumano. The Firm operates in Palermo and works on projects both in the private and in the public sphere, looking to redevelop urban buildings that are set in high-value historical, archaeological, and landscape contexts. Beautiful designs and brilliant ideas always accompany these designers projects.

2- Antonino Cardillo

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Sicily-based architect Antonino Cardillo regards architecture as the synchronicity of cultures and civilizations. Each of his designs is both fierce and empowering as if he could turn each project into a living, breathing being. Truly a lifeforce to behold.

3- Davide Cipolla

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Davide Cipolla is part of the Scalaunocento Studio. A designer and interior designer of Sicilian origin, son of a sculptor, his style is oriented by modern lines that are a constant in his projects, as well as the use of high-quality Italian materials. There is no way you could go wrong by choosing his aid to realize your dream design.


Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Design Service 2019

4- Fabio Costanzo e Maria Rosaria Piazza – Studio4e

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Studio 4e is an architecture and design studio with years of experience in the field of residential, commercial, and landscape design.  Each design is carefully crafted to meet the client’s needs and desires. 

5- Giuseppe Di Prima

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Giuseppe Di Prima co-founder “SQUAR-e architecture”, is an Interior Designer specialized in Materials (Stone and Limestone), his projects have been noted for a particular sensitivity for finishing, materials, and chromatic qualities. That means that when it comes to your dream design, his ideas and hand will deliver incredible projects.

6- Giuseppe Gurrieri

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Opened in 2008, this professional studio of House K, located in Palermo and created by Giuseppe Gurrieri, has been working on iconic designs that will amaze anyone who hires their services.

7- Innopiazza Studio

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

This studio looks at architecture as a new composition of existing elements. Volumes, pillars, columns and surfaces that assume a high quality. Incredible combinations are always on their mind as to achieve their Mission to state beauty in a creative synthesis process that takes place in the artistic gesture.

8- Luigi Smecca Architetti

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Architect Luigi Smecca, the owner of the Luigi Smecca Architetti professional studio, has all his final creations being heterogeneous and, although they contain a personal style that distinguishes him from others, they always represent the taste and needs of the client. His designs fill Palermo with great style.

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

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9- Massimiliano Masellis Architetti +

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Massimiliano Masellis Architetti + is an architecture and design studio based in Palermo that develops its research in the fields of architectural design, interior design, and product design. Beautiful and incredible designs are always a guarantee.

10- Puccio Collodoro Architetti

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Refined, evocative, and emblematic; these are the adjectives that summarize the latest project signed by the Puccio Collodoro Architetti studio. Their projects are never dull, boasting a strong identity and incredible visual thrills.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

11- Riccardo Agnello

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

From 1974 to today, Riccardo Agnello’s studio has designed more than 500 apartments, villas and country houses, and over 100 professional studios. Each of his designs is both modern and timeless with astonishing features and details to behold.


Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Born in 2002, RUFFINOASSOCIATI was founded by Silvio CalandraGioacchino MunnaFabrizio Ruffino, three Sicilian architects who have decided to develop together with the idea that unites them of architecture as a cultural system of values ​​to be investigated, developed, shared. Each of their designs is imbued with excellence, beauty and a heavy cultural identity to be admired.

13- Stefano Sanfilippo SS Studio – Architecture and Design

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Located in Palermo, the studio deals with architectural design, interventions on the existing, interior design, design and graphic design, bespoke furniture design, and for international brands. Each project is carefully analyzed and each detail is carefully detailed and worked, bringing to the client an exceptional design that will be adored.

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14- Studio DiDeA

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Studio Didea is an integrated architecture, interior, branding, and design firm based in Palermo. DiDea’s design approach starts from the very first concept to the working plan, through a precise choice of artisans and contractors and a careful works supervision, maintaining a continuous dialogue with the clients, so as to meet their needs and desires. There is no going wrong with this studio’s dazzling designs.

15- StudioHaki

Top 15 Inspiring Palermo Interior Designers

Studiohaki was born in 2015 in Palermo, from the passion of the architect Lillo Piscione and the interior designer and designer Polizzi Daniela who, after years of career in the world of design, renovation and furniture, decide to combine their skills in the sector. Each project is realized with the utmost attention and devotion, as to deliver a final piece that is both modern and aesthetically pleasing.


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