Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Tokyo is well known for being the biggest design market in the world, considering especially the innovation element. This also includes the showrooms and design stores in this big city! In this article, we will find out our list of the most innovative Top 10 Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores!

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1. Baker

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores
Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Since its founding in 1890, Baker has been the hallmark of design excellence and uncompromising quality. It is distributed worldwide through a network of interior design trade showrooms and luxury home furnishings retailers. The company is a division of Baker Interiors Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samson Investment Holding Co. The company owns a showroom in Tokyo with their products.

Inspired By The Look – Couple Rug

2. FrancFranc

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

FrancFranc promises to surprise and impress the daily life of their clients. This company is an interior shop and store that offers a comfortable life. With designed products and freestyling, you can create a variety of spaces. The products created from this are not just “things”, FrancFranc always proposes the “culture” of life and continues to create new markets.

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Room by Room - Rug'Society


A harmony of styles, colours, textures and rugs of all shapes in one place.

3. I+Stylers

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores
Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

The 21st century has various designs made in the past. Rather than creating a completely new style with furniture created by craftsmen called Meisters who carefully use wood inherited from nature to tailor clothes, it is traditional how to mix well and make the interior look fresh. Eclectic style lifestyle package that is an evolution of interior style that boldly combines various styles beyond the rules, such as new, bold, and gentle design, Western and Asian. They own a showroom in Tokyo.

4. Italia Kagu

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores
Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Italia Kagu is a specialized group that can accurately convey the design and quality of “Made in Italy” as a team with the staff of Italian manufacturers and local authorized distributors. Its activity is on the internet Italian furniture. There is a showroom in the Tokyo Design Center for on-site information as well as online shopping. In 2003, we started the first business in Japan to sell branded furniture by “direct import” from manufacturers such as Milan and Denmark in Italy and local authorized distributors on the Internet. The purpose is to sell it in Japan at the local price sold in Milan and Copenhagen, and to have many people use good products that eliminate the “difference between domestic and foreign prices”. This brand has an own showroom near the Gotanda Station.

Inspired By The Look – Ruin Rug

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

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Design Service 2019

5. Manas

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores
Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Mana Trading Co. was established in 1984 with the aim of helping to create a comfortable life. Since then, they have imported and developed interior materials centered on high-quality textiles required by the times, people, and the environment from all over the world, and have introduced them to everyone. The excellent materials that inflate the image in layers have the potential to expand from detail to the design of the entire space. Therefore, Mana Trading is not limited to products, but they would like to offer it as a finished product that has been sewn and processed in the process of creating your interior. This company owns six showrooms: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Sendai. 

6. Nissin

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

While making full use of traditional technique, Nissin aims to produce modern furniture which fits the contemporary lifestyle. This is the concept of Nisshin Woodwork Co., which has been consistently stated since its founding in 1951. It is also much concerned with careful selection of materials and careful finish by skilled craftsmen, which shows “responsibility for all furniture making”. Nissin pursues “a beautiful design from anywhere you look “. The design of Nissin furniture looks simple, however, there is a big message specifically “high quality”. The company owns two showrooms, one in Tokyo and the other in Takayama.

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Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

7. Oll Standard

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Oll Standard introduces highly selected design tiles from mainly Italy, Spain, and other European or domestic tiles. It is a showroom where visitors can find flooring materials and wall decorative materials for offices, commercial facilities, shops, houses, and various scenes of living. Dynamic pattern and texture of large format tile, the delicate shine of glass mosaic can be felt by touching them with your own hands. They also have samples for take-away, so please feel free to drop in. They own a showroom in Tokyo.

Inspired By The Look – Oslo Rug

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

8. Ozone

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Living Design Center Ozone is a residential and interior information center located on 5 floors from the 3rd floor to the 7th floor of Shinjuku Park Tower, with a total area of ​​11,000 m2. It consists of information floors such as furniture, daily necessities, housing equipment, building materials, unique showrooms and shops, and a library of housing design product catalogs. In addition to seminars and workshops, they also carry out home-building support and interior design programs by specialists with an emphasis on consulting, with the aim of realizing a home that makes everyday life comfortable and enjoyable.

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Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

9. Shirakawa

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Shirakawa has been making furniture in Hida Takayama for more than 50 years since its founding. While mechanization proceeds in many industries, they are dedicated to manufacturing furniture at the hands of craftsmen. Shirakawa currently has four showrooms in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hida Takayama, where its head office is located. The showroom is the place where you can actually see the original and creative furniture that they have created with confidence. 

10. Tomita

Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

Tomita Co., Ltd. was founded in 1923 in Kyobashi, Tokyo, as a company that handles fabrics used for sliding doors and hanging scrolls. The philosophy of “helping to provide a comfortable space for each and every customer” has been consistent since the company was founded. We deliver the world’s finest and unique products such as domestic original wallpapers, overseas wallpapers, fabrics, and furniture. We are also passionate about inheriting traditional Japanese materials and techniques and propose products that convey the beauty of Japan overseas. Thorough and uncompromising manufacturing and selection continue to build relationships of trust with many partners. As in the past, it is important to continue to make many encounters and say “thank you”. Furthermore, we will continue to evolve better to satisfy our customers.

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Innovative Tokyo Showrooms and Design Stores

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