Best Rugs Inspiration from Our Top 20 Interior Designers in Marrakech

Marrakech Interior Design stand out as a great selection for you to work with a high-end designer, in order to design your amazing home.
So for today, we have the best Rugs Inspiration from our Top 20 interior designers in Marrakech.

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Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

The ARDEVIVRE line is not only a design and quality concept, it is the Art of living in Morocco. Their collection of furniture, lighting and decorative objects is carefully selected with attention to detail and quality.

2. Art‘cons Marrakech

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Art’cons is an Decoration, design and graphics company. That provided home office fitting out, exterior fitting out, architectural design, 3D computer graphics, architect’s plan, house plans, home renovation, and bathroom renovation.

3. Atelier Kel by Karim El Achak

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

The philosophy of Atelier Kel by Karim El Achak is put for every projects the user in the center of all main proposal concept even for the Architecture or the Interior design. Preserving the desires of the client in an equilibrium with the context and the natural environment where the project will be realized make their excellence.

4. Atelier NAD

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Atelier NAD, provide services like tailor-made fittings, house extension, living room fittings, interior fittings, complete renovation, apartment renovation and luxury renovation.

5. Bab Design

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

For more than 10 years, Bab Design assures the architecture, the construction, the decoration as well as the gardens and the landscapes on the domain of Bab Atlas, in the palm grove of Marrakesh.

6. BD Création & Design

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Since 2010, BD Création & Design have been creating unique and distinguished spaces for all their clients.

7. Deco Design Marrakech

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Deco & Design architectural agency will carry out your work in complete confidence and deliver your turnkey project. This expert in interior design advises clients on all types of housing: modern detached houses, urban duplexes, contemporary triplexes, design loft, industrial buildings, commercial premises, etc.

8. Demeure Design

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Demeure Design is an interior design company specialising in residential and commercial projects in Morocco. The company provides design skills required to get results that are otherwise impossible, suggesting clever and cost effective solutions. Demeure Design was founded by Karise Kerr in 2005 with the philosophy to create beautiful living spaces that reflect the personality, tastes and needs of her clients, with a focus on comfort and quality.

9. Hicham Dardane

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Hicham Dardane is very professional with a lot of experience. His know-how, his way of managing the project, and coordinating the different trades allow him to succeed in the construction project and his ideas in decoration are unique.

10. Kech Design

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Kech Design has been able to establish itself on the home interior design market in Marrakech through its particularities in the careful treatment that its customers needs give. Having a specialized know-how in the interior decoration and layout of any private residence and for any room you wish to enhance, the agency can only take advantage of its achievements constituting challenges to be realized for the pleasure of its customers.

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Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

11. Maison d’été

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Maison D’été, is intended for a clientele of individuals and professionals, for a customization service of all types of architectural projects, layout and decoration. An experience at the service of Creation, from design to realization, Maison d’été is driven by the concern for the use of quality materials, and the mastery of finishing details.

12. Maraluxe Artdeco

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Maraluxe Artdeco believes that the space we live in can influence the way we deal with the world: a harmonious room can make the morning a chance. Decoration projects begin only after knowing the expectations, preferences and desires of the clients. while keeping a vision of the future.

13. Marrakech Designs

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Marrakech Designs Ltd. is a custom design firm that specializes in Moroccan decorative art. They are a unique resource for designers who wish to employ Moroccan art and craftsmanship with Moroccan zelliges, zouacs and gebs and create interiors that are activated by the colors, patterns, raw textures and beauty of Morocco.

14. Plus 39 Italian Design

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

The Plus 39 italian design agency designs space by adapting the constraints, the desires of the occupants, functionality, and strong aesthetic values. A new challenge: to become the reference point in Morocco for Made in Italy style and tastes. Six years later, their have over a thousand completed projects and over 500 satisfied customers.

15. RM Design

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Raymond Morel is a decorator and designer and interior designer. He exercises his creative talent and his expertise as a designer in EUROPE and AFRICA. He opened his interior design agency in 2006 in the famous historic district of Guéliz. RM DESIGN has carried out several interior decoration assignments for recognized projects.

Room by Room - Rug'Society


A harmony of styles, colours, textures and rugs of all shapes in one place.

16. Share & Deco

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Sharo & Deco provided services like advice in decoration and layout, home Staging in order to enhance your property for a quicker sale or rental, general and/or detailed trend board to visualise the desired style, complete or partial renovation, accompaniment and shopping listing and management of the works, planning of the craftsmen and follow-up of the works from start to finish.

17. Soufiane Aissouni 

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Soufiane Aissouni is an interior decorator and scenographer, graduate of the international school Collège Lasalle in Marrakech. Today she continue her activity by collaborating with fewer designers and also sign projects ranging from the creation of furniture to the complete restructuring of private flats and furniture.

18. Studio Bach

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Studio Bach is based in Marrakech and intervenes in all phases of the construction process on projects ranging from housing to commercial buildings and urban equipment. Their know-how concerns architecture, interiors, design, and consulting, assistance in project management, support in the execution and monitoring of the work.

19. Tangente

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Tangente in an Interior architect and decorator in Marrakech for 10 years. They fit out hotels, guest houses, private houses or flats and commercial spaces.

20. Trabdesign Architecture

Rugs Inspiration from Marrakech

Trabdesign mission is the search for a contemporary architectural language, capable of relating to local tradition. This can only happen through an intense dialogue with the natural and/or urban landscape, the qualities and proportions of the spaces, the precise design of the details.

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