Top Interior Designers From Madrid – The Inspiration You Deserve

Top Interior Designers is today’s topic and Rug’Society has selected the top ones in Madrid. Some of these designers have influenced the way people think about design by making it more accessible, others were selected because they are iconic and a source of inspiration for many, and others, however, they challenge and inspire through their presence and influence. Being a city full of talent, Rug’Society has selected the Top Interior Designers that have made a big impression on the design industry. Stay tuned!

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1. Ábaton

Ábaton is an interior design studio founded in 1998 by Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso, and Ignacio Lechón. Since then, the studio works with passion in its interior design and architecture projects, that meet the customers ‘ needs. The studio’s work ranges from construction to interior decoration and, therefore, has received numerous awards, including the Archilovers – Best Project.

2. Adriana Nicolau

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Adriana Nicolau is a very elegant and talented interior designer. Her studio presents a “great tailor’s drawer with ideas, dreams, beauty, creation and a lot, a lot of passion”. Adriana Nicolau is one of the most iconic Interior Designers in Madrid and her inspirations come from what she likes, such as the sun, sea, different cultures, and travel. Adriana’s projects are full of light, joy, boldness, and life.

3. Beatriz Silveira

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Beatriz Silveira is one of the Top Interior Designers from Madrid and in 2005 she has founded her own studio and since then. Her work focuses mainly on the development of private residential projects and professional spaces. “With experience, you understand that establishing a trusting relationship with those who count on you to help them with their home is a critical part of the process. This is definitely the facet of my work that I like the most.” A reference for lustful works with inspirational elements.

4. Cuarto Interiores

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Germán Alvarez and José Manuel Fernández founded in 2003 the Cuarto Interiores Studio and, since then, they created lustful and powerful projects. They are one of the references with Interior Designers, from hotels, residences or commercial spaces, Cuarto Interiors are an important studio in Madrid, where each space is how the last one stays. They feature powerful details, elements, and furniture.

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5. Erico Navazo

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

One of the most loved Interior Designer From Madrid is Erico Navazo. Erico is a reference in the world of interior design and Rug’Society is going to present some projects to inspire you with powerful and exclusive interior designs. Erico is for any interior design lover, an incredible professional who does unique and perfect projects all over the world. Erico is Castellano and the taste for decoration and interior design came from the family.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

6. Isabel Lopez Vilalta

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Isabel López Vilalta has more than 30 years of work in the world of architecture and interior design. Isabel is a reference and one of the most Top Interior Designers in Madrid and. Her extensive work is a valid reference for interior designers in the sector. Accompanied by a world-class professional and multidisciplinary team, the study advances driven by continuous research excellence in all projects undertaken.

7. Jean Porsche

Jean Porsche is a Mexican interior designer that lives in Madrid since 2004. The studio, Jean Porsche Aquetectura + Interiores, was founded in 2010 and in 2013 opened its first showroom, The Interiorlist. Jean Porsche was always passionate about buildings, houses, and their interiors. With a growing career, Jean Porsche’s projects are published in reputable magazines such as AD Spain, and it’s considered one of the top 100 interior designers from Spain.

8. LGF Spaces

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Luis García is one of the Top Interior Designers in Madrid. He founded the LGF Spaces studio and was educated with discipline and, as he himself acknowledges, he was a lazy child. He initiated his work in a communication agency, however, the decoration crossed his path.

9. Lorenzo Castillo

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

More than 37 years is the time Lorenzo Castillo makes design and over the years Lorenzo gained a reputation and fame in the world of interior design. In high school, a teacher inspired him to see these interests through the lens of architecture, and Lorenzo is very grateful because if he was not inspired by the teacher, at that time Lorenzo could have any profession. Lorenzo has a showroom of hundreds with lustful and inspiring pieces, and on the web, he has his own website where he presents his works.

10. Luis Bustamente

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Luis Bustamante has created and founded one of the best interior design studios in Madrid. Luis holds a degree in Fine Arts in Madrid and is dedicated to painting, interior design, and space decoration. Luis Bustamente, one of the Interior Designers who are a reference, creates projects with a more personal style and carries out the importance of a perfect interior design for which one. He is one of the most recognized interior designers and decorators in Spain in the world and her trajectory is incredible.

11. Keisu Conecta

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Keisu Conecta offers its clients a complete range of lighting, furniture, decoration, and sound equipment to provide an integrated solution to any project. One of the objectives of this luxury company is to provide our customers with a global solution to their projects. Being able to provide decorative lighting and design, industrial, technical, exterior, contract, and even Christmas lighting to special projects. The company, composed of a team of professionals with a long career in the sector, focuses its activity on working hand in hand with a wide range of high-level firms and manufacturers to offer tailor-made and innovative solutions in architecture and design projects.

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12. Madrid in Love

Founded in 2011, Madrid in Love is an interior design studio that transfers the needs of the clients to the ambiances that it creates. The projects of the studio go from creating a brand identity to an interior design, always preferring the use of natural materials and high quality.

13. Marisa Gallo

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Marisa is a reference for the interior design world and has more than several years of experience with her talent. She has created her interior studio, Interiorisimo, which is one of the most important Interior Design Studios in Madrid, where she and her team of specialists create important projects and environments that have uniqueness and powerful balance. Each space and environment is perfect to exceed the needs of the client and this Interior Designer creates details and each project has to contain passion and commitment.

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

14. Mercedes Arce

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Mercedes is passionate about design, architecture, and art, and her focus is to complete all the needs of the client. His studio does projects of residential interior design, commercial, furniture design, and accessories. “Our goal is to create atmospheres, spaces suitable for the personality of each one. I like to take advantage of the pieces that are important to my customers, that have a history, an aesthetic value”

15. Mollins Interiores

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Founded in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins, Molins Interiors is an interior design studio located in the city of Barcelona and Madrid, with extensive experience in residential and commercial interior design, responsible for carrying out a wide variety of projects of different kinds, such as urban living, restaurants, second residences, commercial premises, outdoors or boats.

16. Pascua Ortega

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Another reference for interiors is Pascua Ortega by his modern, classic, and elegant look. This is one of the Top Interior Designers in Madrid and, like the decoration changes regularly, he reflects his intense in every project. Elegance is a constant in his work, but no more than the ability to create different environments in which the seal is always present. Interiors distill the feeling of a lived decoration where you can tune into disparate blends: antiques from different eras and styles, classic design with unique pieces, subtle fabrics and textures, lighting, and varied colors in a wide range that fully master blends.

17. Pepe Leal

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Pepe Leal is a reference to the world of interior design, and he creates a trend in each project he creates. All its environments are exclusive and elegant to exceed the needs of the client. He is one of the most important interior designers in Spain, has a degree in Art History, where his inspirations are unique and where he has designed for the world of decoration.

18. Raúl Martins

Raúl Martins is an interior designer from Madrid, who graduated in interior architecture in 1996 from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Raúl created his studio and today has a multidisciplinary team that covers all interior design. Studio projects range from residential projects in Europe and the United States to commercial projects.

19. Tomás Alía

Top Interior Designers From Madrid - The Inspiration You Deserve

Tomás Alia is a reference for any interior lover. He founded a studio in Madrid more than 20 years ago and has since grown steadily. The success and philosophy of the study are based on the successful teamwork that operates in a state-of-the-art and very practical environment that allows you to assume and complete all kinds of projects. His studio has a team of lustful professionals from Top Interior Designers to Architects, which revolutionizes the interior world, with projects and elegant exhibitions.

20. Tristán Domecq

Tristán Domecq is an interior designer and decorator from Madrid that reflects the true passion for interior design in each project that creates. His passion for design comes since childhood and his favourite style is casual, yet fresh and elegant. Tristán puts his soul into every project he creates.

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