Landau + Kindelbacher

Landau + Kindelbacher: contemporary rugs in a Neoclassic Villa

Landau + Kindelbacher is an architecture and interior design office focused on developing classic and modern buildings in a holistic way.

It was founded in 1994 by Gerhard Landau and Ludwig Kindelbacher with an essential element: individual expression. Their projects have a personal, timeless, and functional style, that with premium quality results in a unique architecture.

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Inspired by the art, culture, lifestyle, and fashion, Landau + Kindelbacher displays a range of services that includes the development of concepts and implementations for office, home, hotels, gastronomy, retail, cultural and special areas – especially in the premium segment – like new construction, redevelopment or renovation of protected and listed historical monuments.

Inspired By The Look – OSLO RUG



The Neoclassic Villa is the ideal example of their contemporary elegance approach!

Inspired By The Look – CELL RUG


Sophistication is the perfect word to describe the living room, which is equipped with an open fireplace, selected furniture, and fine designs. The use of rugs as decoration is essential – they bring harmony, comfort, and coziness to the environment.

Inspired By The Look – RUIN RUG


On the other hand, the room has a unique touch, reminding us the meaning of timeless elegance.

Whether is a classic or modern design, the Landau + Kindelbacher develop sensorial environments that equally satisfy the customer’s personality and the high-quality standards of the company.


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