Top Color Trends For 2020

Top Color Trends 2020 – Today Rug’Society shares with you the color trends of 2020. Choosing the right color to a division, was never an easy task to accomplish. Whether in a wall covering, or rugs or contemporary home accessories, colors play an essential role due to its psychological meaning and character in each interior design project.

See how to embellish any home division with these 5 Top Color Trends For 2020.

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Honey Yellow

Pure yellow is a Top Color Trends For 2020, and this color is the color of the creatives and this toned-down shade is no different. After the Gen-Z Yellow trend, Honey Yellow brings the enthusiasm and cheerfulness of the former without the high energy. The Kleopatra Rug sky blue and honey yellow tones, its perfect shape for any lounge and its fringes make it a must-have tapestry piece.

Dusk Blue

A light and pastel color Dusk Blue combines well in the ambiance of any home. This shade gives off a soft and innocent vibe, but can also easily be translated into a flirtier look as well. Inspired by the water and its color, Merfilus Rug cames to complete your dusk blue projects and give them an attractive vision.


Cantaloupe can bring us encouragement and motivation. It’s a more active color that inspires us to be active, increasing the sense of competition and the courage to assume risks. Inspired by the Medina City, Medina Rug is the perfect representation of Arabian culture, and its colors and design make this timeless soul the perfect piece to your Cantaloupe interior design.

Cloud Pink

Considered as a sky or even sunset color, this is a beautiful tone, that sends us directly to a sweet and fanciful world. With a variety of colors and geometric shapes, the Isaac Rug is a so versatile piece that the unusual combination of colors makes it provocative and, at the same time, impossible to not observe the surprising harmony of the whole.


Terracotta is Top Color Trends For 2020, which brings with it an inherent search for the reconnection of man and nature, reproducing thereof primitive sensuality in a color trend. The Kotta Rug is a 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project and brings the botanical and natural sense to your home decoration.

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