Luxury hotels are the perfect place to unwind and forget about work and our worries. Here is our top list of the best luxury hotels for a relaxing escape for the holidays. These top-notch hotels have everything you could possibly want, including the most luxurious spas, one-of-a-kind dining experiences, vistas of ice caps, and locations tucked away in forests. Join us as we explore breathtaking surroundings that elegantly blend richness and luxury.

Luxury Hotels To Visit in 2023

Hotel La Palma, Capri, Italy

Luxury Hotels For A Relaxing Escape During The Holidays

This is one of those brand-new luxury hotels, La Palma, is surrounded by Capri’s pristine waters and epitomizes the perfect Italian summer. The hotel, which is a spectacular time capsule from the 1800s, has 50 various room options, a variety of restaurants, bars, and spas, as well as its own beach club, which is well-known for its events that draw visitors from all over the world.

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The Homestead, Nambiti game reserve, South Africa:

Luxury Hotels For A Relaxing Escape During The Holidays

The Homestead is one of those luxury hotels located in the Nambiti Game Reserve is a destination for relaxation that welcomes guests to experience nature, bliss, and adventure. It provides excellent African head massages at the on-site spa as well as guided excursions through the Dragon Mountain and leopard sightings. This eco-lodge includes 12 guest rooms with contemporary furnishings and eco-friendly accents that highlight local artwork, patterns, and colors.

Fairmont Taghazout BayMORROCO

Luxury Hotels For A Relaxing Escape During The Holidays

One of the first luxury hotels to build in the windswept former fishing village of Taghazout, this soignée beachside property is one of those new hotels, surrounded by the moss-green foothills of the Atlas Mountains and strewn with gnarled olive trees. It skillfully mixes the dependable service and abundance of comforts of the legendary brand with a distinctively relaxed ambiance and Morocco’s unfathomable exoticism.

LUX* Chongzuo, Guangxi — China

Luxury Hotels For A Relaxing Escape During The Holidays

Luxury hotels such as this one are rare, situated on the banks of the Mingshi River that is surrounded by picture-perfect gardens and designed in a tropical modernist style is called LUX. The hotel’s suites each offer a private patio with views of the majestic karst mountains and motionless water. Consider going to LUX Chongzuo, which is tucked away in the karst topography at the border of China and Vietnam, if you’re looking for a place to stay in accommodations with two unique flavors coupled with both Chinese and international flair.

Top Luxury Hotels To Fall In Love With

25hours Hotel One Central, DUBAI

Luxury Hotels For A Relaxing Escape During The Holidays

This may be the most international hotel among many that have recently opened in Dubai. By introducing daring concepts like a mixed-gender sauna and catchphrases like “Let’s spend the night together” to the area, the large hotel, which is situated in the developing commercial neighborhood One Central, ushers in a new age for the UAE. The majority of the customer, which includes hipsters and creatives in their 30s, frequents the artisan coffee shop, podcast studios, pottery studios, and co-working spaces. You can expect hammocks, “sheik-sized” beds, and private bar rooms with space for a DJ, even if each hotel and suite is different.

El ChalténArgentina

Luxury Hotels For A Relaxing Escape During The Holidays

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, stay at the Explora El Chalten; this modern hotel offers a variety of intriguing alternatives. Thanks to an outdoor sports complex with clearly indicated trails, ice-trekking excursions, and unimproved rock climbing routes, it is the ultimate natural escape of the year. The 15-acre property offers visitors 20 contemporary rooms with hot coffee stations and views of Patagonia’s snow-capped peaks.


Josun Palace, Seoul Gangnam — South Korea

Luxury Hotels For A Relaxing Escape During The Holidays

One of the most alluring luxury hotels to stay in when visiting Seoul is The Josun Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel. It is opulent and upmarket, with beautiful artwork wherever you turn. A huge statue of Daniel Arsham’s Blue Calcite welcomes you as soon as you arrive. Moses made a mistake when he smelled the distinctive hotel scent. The excellent design is continued in the guest rooms, where Korean art and patterned textiles compete for prominence with unobstructed views of Gangnam.

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