Liling Lampell is a California-licensed interior designer who has been working in the San Francisco Bay area for more than ten years. She specializes in designing opulent livable spaces with modern interiors that are sophisticated and stylish.

Liling Lampell From Just the Touch is One Of The Best Interior Designers From San Francisco

Liling Lampell has a comprehensive, cutting-edge style that has attracted notable customers from all over the world. Customers commend the projects’ meticulous attention to detail, creative problem-solving, and intuitive customer service.

Liling Lampell: One Of The Best Interior Designers From California

Liling Lampell offers full-Service Residential and Commercial Interior Design as well as consultation for homeowners, entrepreneurs and trade professionals. With a long career path, she is even a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. An extraordinary interior designer that you must know!

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Liling Lampell and Some Of Her Projects

She has a great sense of design with an unique flair to build all types of projects. She is known for her contemporary, modern classic, and mid-century designs that have amazed more than one.

Liling Lampell: One Of The Best Interior Designers From California

Liling Lampell has an incredible portfolio with incredible house designs. This Palo Alto new classic home was inspired by a mid-sized, contemporary design, it has an enclosed room in San Francisco with a light wood floor, gray walls, and a brick fireplace. The lovely rug design stands out in this design with a geometric pattern.

Liling Lampell’s aesthetic taste is intuitively cutting-edge, crisp, and sharp. She is adaptable, though, and can also be more traditional or conservative if the client needs it.


Liling Lampell: One Of The Best Interior Designers From California

She also has created this beautiful contemporary dining room located in San Francisco, a small trendy light wood floor great room photo in San Francisco with beige walls. This contemporary open living room is also a gorgeous display of her work with a minimalist design.


The white and gray XISTO RUG is a fabulous addition to a dining room. It adds an elegant flair with a luxury feel. It matches nicely with tones of white, gray and gold.

Liling Lampell: One Of The Best Interior Designers From California

She loves to create eclectic designs too such as this one. The neutral hues create a cozy atmosphere. She achieved to create a lovely design for contemporary living room because the designer makes a sincere effort to get to know her client and their project before presenting a very realistic rendering of how this space can be improved and a selection of very unique materials, always with a muted, elegant color scheme.

Liling Lampell: One Of The Best Interior Designers From California

The designer is praised for her hard work as a fantastic designer by her clients. She won’t just suggest or design one type of flooring or tile over another, then move on. She genuinely cares about the room’s purpose, the way it flows, how it is lit, and how it is composed, but more importantly, she cares about the people who will live there.


neutral brown geometric rug for contemporary interiors


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