Ibiza Interior Designers are well-known for being a global hotspot for the design, architecture, and décor scene. Ibiza‘s interior design perfectly reflects its eclectic vibe and multicultural environment. This article will look at the Top 20 Ibiza Interior Designers.

20 Ibiza Interior Designers

1. Almø Studio

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Alm Studio teams work hard to make each project unique and special, giving it the attention it deserves in a personalized way. The studio believes in functional spaces with aesthetics that best suit the experience they want to evoke through materials and details.

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2. BOX3 Interiors

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

To build the home of their clients’ dreams, BOX3 Interiors selects products, materials, builders, and suppliers. Their team can complete a project with creativity and attention to detail throughout all phases of development.

3. Caroline Nijman

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Caroline Nijman, a Swiss native, creates eclectic and fashionable multipurpose homes by fusing traditional furnishings with custom-made goods. Her goal is to come up with solutions that are independent of fads and are timeless.

4. Catalina House

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

The Catalina House team works with the client to design spaces that are luminous, necessary, warm, and fresh, with a Mediterranean flair. Beyond the actual decoration, their business philosophy is distinguished by their attention to detail and sophisticated simplicity.

5. Cocoq Ibiza

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Cocoq Ibiza‘s primary goal is to create stunning environments by fusing the decorative arts with architecture and design. With their services, they hope to achieve the desired aesthetics.

6. deBM Arquitectura

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

The architectural firm deBM Arquitectura has a long history of work in Dublin and Ibiza. Their work is concentrated on new construction, remodeling, and landscaping initiatives that have explored and attempted to enhance the traditional Mediterranean architectural values.

7. el POP interiors

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Ibiza-based architectural and interior design studio el POP interiors offers a variety of design services. Their team produces Ibizan-style interior design sets, starting with a conceptual design sketch, an architectural project, and concluding with technical drawings, material specifications, and construction oversight.

8. Farré & Costa Interiors

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Marta Farré and Pepe Costa founded Farré & Costa Interiors with the intention of offering the best level of design customized to each of our clients and for each of their projects. The Farré & Costa studio is responsible for offering a comprehensive interior design service from the initial point of contact through project completion in order to produce the desired outcome.

9. Hepburn Designs

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Hepburn Designs offers a range of services, including full project management and paint consultations. This studio provides end-to-end interior design and project management services. They are a skilled and professional design team that pays attention to the requirements of their customers.

10. Ibiza Design

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

In 2010, Gerardo De la Cruz Tremosa founded Ibiza Design. Currently, it is an Ibizan company that specializes in architecture, interior design, and urban consulting. They provide services for the execution of architectural projects, the supervision of interior renovations, and comprehensive remodeling.


11. Ibiza Interiors

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Interior designer Jurjen van Hulzen established Ibiza Interiors in 2014. This company has developed into a full-service project company to assist private clients and seasoned developers in realizing their Ibiza dreams.

12. Ibiza Seven House

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Ibiza Seven House is a business that offers services in the area of building and villa rehabilitation and renovation. They engage in work in architecture, interior design, technical studies, and construction.

13. Ideal House Factor

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

The Ideal House Factor studio is a well-known innovator in the field of superior design and construction. To offer the clients top-notch service, their team includes project managers, architects, technicians, and skilled workers.

14. KSAR Living

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

KSAR Living is an interior design firm with offices in Ibiza, Menorca, and Barcelona that specializes in the collection, outsourcing, and international setup of high-end design. Alberto Cortes, who has devoted more than half of his life to interior design, is the foundation of Ksar Living.

15. La Maison De L’Éléphant

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Bruno Reymond founded La Maison De L’Éléphant as a design firm. Although their primary focus is on art and design, they also produce futuristic interior design sets. It is one of our favorite Ibiza interior designers.

16. Mediterraneo Interiores

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Mediterraneo Interiores creates warm homes that reflect the personality and needs of each client. Their primary goal is to reform, decorate, and transform the spaces from the start of the project to the end. The best Ibiza interior designers that you should check it out.

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17. Mûnnu Interior Design Studio

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Mûnnu Interior Design Studio provides full interior design services for their clients’ homes or businesses, addressing their specific needs and budget. The projects cover all aspects of interior design, integrating the union of functionality, aesthetics, and attention to detail. These ibiza interior designers showcase amazing work.

18. Tabula Rasa Design Studios

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Tabula Rasa Design Studios believes that “no two buildings are the same, and no two people are the same; each project is defined by the client’s personal needs and aesthetic references.” Starting something new is always both difficult and exciting. This is how Tabula Rasa came to be, in the midst of rebirth and new goals. You should check these Ibiza interior designers on Instagram!

19. Tanis Ibiza

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

Tatjana Bergerr-Sandhofer and Nicholas Lording are some of our favorite ibiza interior designers. They founded Tanis Ibiza in 2014. Tanis is an interior design store that specializes in both interior design and furniture. Their mission is to create one-of-a-kind and timeless homes of extraordinary beauty that are respectful of their surroundings and rely heavily on natural materials and techniques.

20. This Is Bloom Studio

20 Ibiza Interior Designers To Inspire You

This Is Bloom Studio has one of the best ibiza interior designers. It is a vibrant design firm with offices in Ibiza and London. Their team includes architects, interior designers, and CAD and 3D experts. They are proud to have created a timeless, long-lasting design that is tailored to each client’s specific requirements.


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