Interior design is one of India‘s most active and rapidly rising sectors. Young people in India are preparing for the workforce, indicating a higher trend in living standards, which immediately translates into increased demand for attractively built luxury flats. In this article we share with you the best and most famous interior designers in India to follow on Instagram!

Interior Designers In India To Absolutely Follow On Instagram

We are aware that choosing the best interior designers is difficult, requiring us to play a mental game due to the numerous variables involved. Especially when it comes to India, and more especially Bangalore, India’s capital and widely recognized as one of the world’s most enterprising cities. For that matter, we thought we’d help you out by compiling a list of the greatest interior designers in India.

1. Gauri Khan

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Gauri Khan has made a name for herself in the world of interior design as one of the best interior designers in India. She has worked on the houses of numerous Bollywood celebrities, making her one of India’s top celebrity interior designers. Gauri Khan is an interior designer who is inspired by her hobby. This is what distinguishes her creations as absolutely original, vibrant, and remarkable. Gauri Khan’s powerful and passionate designs have established her as a brand in the interior design market.

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2. The Karighars

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

This multi-award-winning company has a brilliant team of interior decorators in Bangalore as well as a team of professional artisans with a keen eye for art and aesthetics. This organization provides a number of services such as space planning, color choosing, interior design consulting, well-designed furnishings and furniture, and smart light and space manipulation, all to make your dream house a reality.

3. Savio & Rupa

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts provides a variety of interior design and furnishing options to help you design your ideal house. Savio and Rupa, a husband and wife team, have a portfolio that demonstrates their ability and dedication to creating a one-of-a-kind, exclusive, and premium setting with a lavish lifestyle and a balance of the beautiful and practical.

4. Morphogenesis

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Morphogenesis is an award-winning architecture and urban design firm with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi. The firm was founded in 1996 by Sonali and Manit Rastogi and is internationally recognized for its diverse work, which includes Master Planning, Residential, Commercial, Workplace, Institutional, Hospitality, and Houses, as well as in-house integrated project delivery in Sustainability. Its team is build of the best interior designers in India.

It is the first Indian firm to get the Singapore Institute of Architects Getz Award, with projects in eight countries, 120+ International and National Awards, and 850+ publications worldwide. Images Publishing, Australia included the company’s work in a monograph as part of their world-renowned Master Architect Series, a first for an Indian practice.

5. Ajay Shah Design Studio

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Ajay Shah Design Studio is Ajay Shah’s design firm. The Mumbai-based business specializes in branding, environmental graphics, navigational signage, furniture, and product design. This firm is responsible for some of the most praised designs to date. His firm focuses on retail and industrial interior design, and he has also completed architectural design projects. This firm reunites one of the most successful interior designers in India.

6. Carafina Interiors

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Carafina has the best interior designers in India in order to create the most luxurious spaces. They pride themselves in being the best design firm in Bangalore that believe in excellence, quality, and transparency. They have beautiful projects that one can’t help but fall in love with. They sure do deserve a follow on Instagram!

7. De Panache Interiors

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

De Panache has one of the best interior designers in India and is one of Bangalore’s leading Interior Design Firms, with a skilled and competent team of designers. The firm has the greatest interior designs because it strives to build an environment that tells a narrative. When we greet a customer, our ultimate objective is to transform their dream into reality.

8. Shabnam Gupta

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Shabnam, an award-winning interior designer, began small with huge aspirations in mind. She has an extraordinary collection of work, which includes interiors, style, and décor for famous houses, major restaurant chains, and even stand-out individual spaces, speaks for itself after a magnificent trip. And it speaks of the aesthetic joys she has created, the uniqueness that shines through her design, and her determination to tell timeless stories one private and artistically rich room at a time.

9. Anjum Jung From Morph Design Company

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Ms. Anjum Jung and her team of interior designers in India are drawn to a modern style that combines the best of old and new with a rigorous eye for detail, color, and texture, creating comfortable, distinctive designs that range from fresh and basic to smart and fashionable.

Morph Design Company has amazing interior designers in India and has gained a reputation for quality and design excellence after two decades of experience in the field of interior design and multiple important awards.

10. Lipika Sud

The Best Interior Designers In India To Follow On Instagram

Lipika Sud is now of the most renowned Interior designers in India, based in Delhi NCR. Her enthusiasm for design is seen in the way she expresses it in each and every project, whether it is residential, corporate, or hotel-related. Her art may be found in private homes, farmhouses, corporate offices, and showrooms.

The firm works closely on projects such as hotels, hospitals, and organizations that require interior design. For such projects, they also provide services integration and project management. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, they are one of the best interior designers in india!

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