Feng Shui is based on the Chinese idea of yin and yang, which is based on the philosophical balance of the universe’s positive and negative energies. Feng Shui combines the two basic energy forces of wind and water to influence various aspects of your life. This concept might be interesting to use for your living room design project. so here are our Feng Shui living room design tips to help you achieve the most positive environment for your house.

Feng Shui Living Room Design Tips: Get To Know This Concept

Interior design is an art form that not only brings color and light to a home, but also individuality, comfort, and positive energy. Everything in our universe is made up of energy, from the life force to the elements of the planet. These energy forces may be adjusted to produce either positive or negative energy. It is a great idea to design a Feng Shui living room in order to attract positivity.

feng shui living room with neutral hues and beige area rug with center table made of wood and velvet sofa

Feng Shui is the practice of putting and arranging items to allow the free flow of Chi – the life-giving force. Feng Shui living room design seeks to improve many elements of your life by bringing you into harmony with the environment you live in when energy enters your house. Here are some tips to create a dashing Feng Shui living room décor.

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Feng Shui guidelines use the five elements and a pattern known as the Bagua map to accomplish this. The balance of the five elements: wind, water, fire, wood, and metal is at the heart of Feng Shui decorating. Each one represents a different quality, such as stability, wisdom, development, or creativity. So, in order to live your most satisfying life, your Feng Shui living room décor must incorporate all five characteristics.

feng shui living room with classic beige rug and modular sofa with mid century elements

The Earth element governs physical strength, stability, and equilibrium. Decorate rooms in earthy tones and add outdoor photographs to bring this revitalizing aspect inside.

feng shui living room with curved sofa and gray area rug

Wood represents innovation, growth, and vigor. Choose forms that resemble trees, tree trunks, leaves, and flowers when decorating with it. Green and blue are the hues of wood.

feng shui living room with blue rug and armchair for a stylish modern contemporary design

Water represents spirituality and wisdom. To promote relaxation, use a blue rug such as the EYE RUG, mirrors, aquariums, or fountains in irregular forms. While passion, change, energy, and excitement are all governed by fire. Incorporate candles and other sorts of illumination, as well as red, pink, and purple décor elements if you wish for your Feng Shui living room to reflect that energy.

feng shui living room: luxurious living room design with area rug named CELL RUG and MECCA center table

Metal products with spherical and circular forms will boost the material’s useful presence in your home. Metal elements reflect logic, efficiency, and accuracy. You can choose a table made of brass and pair it with the beautiful CELL RUG.

Feng Shui Living Room Design Ideas

feng shui living room: neutral living room decor with geometric rug in neutral tones.

Aside from the fundamental concepts of Feng Shui living room interior design, there are standard procedures performed in the Chinese family to include the impacts of good energy. These practices mostly emphasize clean living, which encourages happiness in living areas. The OCLI RUG has a clean modern design with neutral hues which exudes good energy

1. Removing the shoes

Shoes can influence your interior design. When entering the house, Chinese philosophers thought that one should always remove any bad energy forces at the door. This is why, in order to preserve proper Feng Shui, you must remove your shoes before entering the house.

feng shui living room: minimalist living room design with gray aurg and white modular sofa

2. Decluttering

To allow Feng Shui energy to flow freely through your living area, declutter and air it out. Plants are a great way to bring the outside in. Make sure your furniture is welcoming, comfy and conducive to relaxation. The placement of your seats should facilitate dialogue. Your sofa should ideally face the entryway and be placed against a wall.

rug society products in stock exclusive rugs ready to be shipped. feng shui living room

Using the Bagua map, choose the optimal shape for a coffee table and the prevailing color in the room. To determine the prevailing hue, place the map over your home’s floor plan and determine which quadrant your Feng Shui living room belongs into. For example, if it is in the family room, decorate it with family antiques and use rectangular-shaped furniture.

feng shui living room with midcentury design and colorful rug with geometric pattern

3. Playing with colors

Color psychology influences not only a person’s mood, but also the general energy forces of a home. It is recommended for a Feng Shui living room décor to use three natural hues to create peace and pleasant energy indoors. Light tones like lavender, blue, green, and peach are great for their relaxing effects. Although white has a calming impact on the mind, it is preferable to use it sparingly because it creates a frigid environment.

feng shui living room with biophilic design and a red area rug with a snake design.

4. Introducing natural elements

Try to bring a lot of natural light into your living room. Negativity thrives in dark and dismal environments. This is why natural is important for a Feng Shui living room design. You can also add a few house plants and botanical elements such as the SNAKE 8 RUG made of natural wool and botanical silk to further inculcate natural components so that the energy flow continues continuously.

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