Finding the ideal contemporary rug for your space can be difficult, but with the correct design advice, it can be much easier. Rug’Society has a large choice of the most gorgeous contemporary rugs that will enhance the beauty of your home interior easily. Learn how to pick a rug for any room in your house by reading on.

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Contemporary rugs provide a variety of practical and aesthetically pleasing functions while adding warmth and texture to a space. It is a lovely way to add personality to a room with a gorgeous contemporary design.

contemporary rugs with neutral warm tones for hallway with elegant mirror and sideboard.


1. Choose The Right Size

In contrast to wall-to-wall carpeting, which covers a full room, the MERMAID RUG is a movable covering solution that only covers a portion of the floor. The oval shape of this rug and its neutral warm colors bring a charming aura to this hallway and create a welcoming ambiance. The size of the rug is very important so you need to measure well the space you want to insert one so that the rug fits perfectly well. Rug’Society and its design service will make sure to create the perfect rug size for your interior design.

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new iconic rugs to decorate your interior with a contemporary flair. contemporary rugs
contemporary rugs for halwlay with nature inspried pattern


2. Select Solid Colors and Patterns

Contemporary rugs can have patterns and come in different designs, so decorators must think about how the aesthetic will fit the rest of the room. The NEPTUNO RUG brings nature indoors with its floral pattern and shines from under the lights. The console and round mirror pair nicely with this rug design.

Rug Masterclass: How To Style your Interior With Contemporary Rugs. black and white rug for elegant halwlay decor


3. Pay Attention To The Material

For a stylish contemporary interior design choose to use metallic accents that have hammered, polished steel. The black and white VALENCIA RUG is the perfect addition to this decor. Its soft wool and botanical silk create a contrast with the cold metallic furniture. The rug’s color scheme also combines nicely with the metallic accents and creates a sleek look. This room’s design truly embodies elegance with one of the most popular contemporary rugs.

Rug Masterclass: How To Style your Interior With Contemporary Rugs. Gray rug for hallway decor with black sideboard.


4. Take The Foot Trafic Into Consideration

For a hallway, a rug needs to be made of wool or silk. Contemporary rugs with natural fibers are more sturdy and will probably last longer than floors made of synthetic materials. The RUIN RUG is a gorgeous contemporary rug made of botanical silk that will not only add charisma to your home interior, but it will also last through the seasons.

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Rug Masterclass: How To Style your Interior With Contemporary Rugs. black and white rug for modern contemproary living room


5. Pick The Right Style

Contemporary rugs are the perfect style for a home interior since they are very versatile. They are timeless and can fit into a modern, classic or eclectic style. The COLL RUG is a simple black and white rug that fits perfectly in this living room design.

Rug Masterclass: How To Style your Interior With Contemporary Rugs. Modern classic living room  with neutral hues and large rug


6. Large Area Rugs For Bigger Spaces

Give your living space a modern edge by using contemporary rugs and shiny brass on an exposed armchair’s frame, a glittering gold vase, or a cuff around a wall or clock. The large IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG covers most of the living room, keeping your feet warm as you spend time with family and friends. Neutral contemporary rugs as well as velvet sofas and armchairs tend to create a relaxing space. That is why this living room design exudes elegance as well as a cozy atmosphere.

rug society products in stock exclusive rugs ready to be shipped. Rug Masterclass: How To Style your Interior With Contemporary Rugs
Rug Masterclass: How To Style your Interior With Contemporary Rugs. Luxurious bathroom decor with round white rug.


7. Add A Soft Touch To A Cold Place

Contemporary rugs are a fantastic way to give cold, hard bathroom floors a soft touch and provide places that are sometimes just perceived as practical some flair. The OSLO RUG fits into this bathroom decor with grace and elegance. Its white color makes it versatile to match any color scheme.

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