Holloway Li is a rising star in the world of interior design. Holloway Architects were gracious enough to speak with Home Society Magazine. They are a design firm with a long history of providing cutting-edge architectural and interior design to a growing number of international clients for different areas such as retail, hospitality, and private residential sectors. The firm was founded in 2015 by Alex Holloway and Na Li.

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Holloway Li: Who are These Rising Stars?

Holloway Li offers exceptional abilities and original interior designs, breaking rules and pushing the boundaries of beauty and interior design. Alex Holloway and Na Li are members of a new generation of designers that are blurring the barriers between historicism, decoration, and the digital process to create intricate interiors that fit into today’s design culture.

Holloway Li: A Combination of Different Styles and Cultures

Holloway Li: One of The Rising Stars Of Interior Design

Alex Holloway and Na Li met while studying architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. The Soho Farmhouse was their first project together. Despite the fact that they each established their own practice in 2015, they collaborated frequently and in 2018 formed the Holloway Li practice. The duo highlights that London is their artistic inspiration and that they love the contradiction between historicism and futurism present in the city. They even tell us how this can be a formative influence for them.

Holloway Li: One of The Rising Stars Of Interior Design

This collaboration is also a combination of different cultures. Li, who was born in Nanjing, China claims that their work frequently serves as “bridges between Far Eastern and Western ideas.”

Holloway Li: One of The Rising Stars Of Interior Design

Even though the studio Holloway Li is based in London, it has already underdone projects all over the world such as in Beijing, Munich and of course London.

Holloway Li: Reinventing Material Reuse

Holloway Li: One of The Rising Stars Of Interior Design

Na and I are both designers at heart,so the goal is always to create settings that are exciting, intriguing, and challenging to customers’ expectations. Na’s strength is in technical insight and application, whereas my concentrate is on the design process’ conceptual side.” In that way, we’re a great match.

Alex Holloway
Holloway Li: One of The Rising Stars Of Interior Design

Bermonds Locke is one of the studio’s most well-known work. A 143-room urban retreat focused on sustainability is located in Ermondsey, South London. It’s the first in a series of initiatives with Holloway Li and Locke that looks into the idea of “house meets hotel.” It is housed in a former office building’s concrete shell.

Holloway Li: One of The Rising Stars Of Interior Design

“By reinventing material reuse, we seek to emphasize how a circular aterial economy can offer an extraordinarily unique aesthetic and a new kind of living experience — doing more with less,”

Alex Holloway and Na Li
Holloway Li: One of The Rising Stars Of Interior Design

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