Interior Design Rugs can be used to connect spaces, reinforce the style and design scheme, define or simply inject color. Initially, rugs were not intended solely for aesthetic, decorative, or artistic purposes. But with time, rugs began to add other values and became decorative and artistic objects. 

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Interior Design Rugs: Where to Find Them 

Rugs can be a game-changer on the look of your room, for Rug’Society interior design rugs are not just rugs but a piece of art and don’t have to be limited to just being placed on the floor, they can be placed on the wall or another prominent place where it can convey emotions and history. 

living room lounge with sky blue and and pale mustard tones.
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

Inspired by ancient Egypt and ancient communication, KLEOPATRA is hand-tufted with New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk. With fringes, linear and rigid graphics, sky blue and pale mustard tones, this rug’s simple yet perplexing pattern lends itself beautifully to this lounge setting. 

Modern Entryway with Oscar rug on the wall. 
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

Placed on the wall, The OSCAR RUG is the Masculine representation of the classical canons of ancient Greece. Made with hand–tufting, Overtufting, and Carving techniques, with natural Wool and Botanical silk. Oscar is a high-end rug From the Rug’Society Geometric Collection of interior design rugs, rich in colors that can evoke emotion, spark excitement and attention.

Modern living room with beige macushi rug.
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

MACUSHI RUG is a hand-tufted rug made with botanical silk. With its delicate flower pattern and sand hues, this rug is inspired by Macushi, the population living on the border of southern Guyana and northern Brazil. Combined with the high-quality furniture in this eclectic–modern living room Macushi is the perfect addition to create a glamorous ambiance. 

Finest Interior Design Rugs 

Luxurious bedroom with colorful Isaac rug.
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

With the proposal to create delicate and at the same time daring environments ISAAC RUG showcases the uniqueness of geometry and color in this Luxury bedroom. Made with botanical silk and natural wool with four different techniques, this mid-century rug stands out in every room. 

Stylish living room with urban black ink rug.
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

BLACK INK is inspired by Urban life and art, hand-tufted in Botanical Silk, From the Urban Collection of interior design rugs, Black Ink Rug is the perfect option for this luxurious living room. Has an artistic feel and it suits the modern interior creating a mysterious and discreet look. 

Modern office space with beige Neptuno rug.
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

NEPTUNO RUG is 100% handmade with New Zealand Wool and Botanical Silk. Inspired by the Roman God of the Sea and Freshwater, the Neptuno rug brings peace, tranquility to this luxurious and high-end office space and helps create a unifying look.  

Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs 

Dining room with brown West rug.
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

WEST RUG combines three different techniques, hand-tufted, overtufting, and carving, is a 100% handmade rug with natural wool and botanical silk. This timelessly elegant rug with wood brown shades mixed with the light pink in the walls gives this Dining room a cozy and warm feeling.

Modern open living room with Xisto rug.
The Best Selection of Interior Design Rugs

A 100% handmade carpet that combines the hand-tufting and overtufting techniques with natural wool and botanical silk. XISTO RUG is inspired by various types of metamorphic rocks easily identifiable as being strongly laminated. The Xisto rug lends itself perfectly to this open living room helping to create a balance of light and warmth.

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