Looking for bedroom decor ideas? You have come to the right place. Let us show you the amazing High-Line Bedroom, a master bedroom decor that makes part of the opulent “Empire” Penthouse located in New York City. It is an exclusive penthouse design with the best high-end products to grant to best comfort and the most stylish interior design.

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Bedroom Decor Ideas For A New York Penthouse

This apartment is bright and airy, with a high-end modern design and breathtaking view but what is really stunning is what is inside. The master bedroom is one of the most important spaces in this apartment since it is where the owner comes to unwind and rest after a long day. That is why the color palette chosen for this room reflects soft and neutral colors that bring balance and serenity to this place.

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment with white area rug that has finde details

This bedroom’s name is inspired by the High-Line. The High Line is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, with a unique combination of art, nature, and architecture that explains its popularity. The owner’s individuality is reflected in this bedroom’s soft tones and textures with contrasting features.

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment- inspiration for interior design

The bedroom is a personal space that needs to showcase one’s personality as well as grant the best comfort. Soft tones and textures are used throughout the main bedroom to create a safe space where one can come and relax after a long day working. There is an area carpet that covers the whole floor to offer a warm and cozy feeling all throughout the room.

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment with white area rug that covers the whole room's floor.

This modern bedroom has a minimalistic setting which enables this room to be very functional and focuses on what is essential for the owner which is rest. This bedroom doesn’t have any clutter that can overwhelm this interior and the owner of this home.

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Bedroom Decor Ideas: Moodboard

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment mood board

We have gathered the bed bedroom decor ideas within this moodbaord. Create an effortless modern bedroom interior with these simple elements. A stylish minimalist interior design is easy to achieve if you follow these steps. You need to start by choosing a modern wool rug that will protect your floors with style.

Square white area rug called WHITE GARDEN RUG

The WHITE GARDEN RUG is the perfect choice for a modern bedroom. Its beige neutral color is easy to pair with any other type of furniture and its soft texture will keep your feet protected from the cold floors, creating a warm atmosphere in your bedroom.

Modern master bedroom with white rug. Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment

As You can see in this picture, the WHITE GARDEN emanates peace and harmony, with relaxing aspects thanks to a neutral palette backdrop and floor-to-ceiling windows. To pair with this carpet, we have classic colors such as black and white to create a bit of contrast.

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment

The IGUAZU ARMCHAIR is inspired by the Iguazu Falls, one of the most beautiful sights in the world. This armchair, which is fully upholstered in grey velvet and has a modern lounge chair style, will provide a relaxing nook in any modern interior design, and is especially suitable for a modern reading corner.

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment

The Wales Bench is an amazing item to style your bedroom. This upholstered bench is made of cotton velvet and has a brushed aged brass matte bottom. It will add an elegant touch to whichever space it is placed in.

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment

The BRYCE SIDE TABLE is a sleek modern table that adds finesse and a sophisticated aura to a room. This is a one-of-a-kind design with a fiberglass body and a high-gloss black lacquer finish with gold leaf. This little end table will complement perfectly your bedroom.

Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Modern New York Apartment

The AMIK Table Lights harmonize two styles with a light brown shader and a black framework. This is a dashing piece with a unique design. The AMIK Table Light is inspired by a lacquered piece of wood carved with beaver teeth. This one-of-a-kind accent lamp is ideal for use as a bedside table light or in the living area.

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