Designer Studio is a company of interior design based in Doha, Qatar. They have residential projects such as hospitality projects. Today’s topic is about the beautiful residential projects this company has to show us.

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Designer Studio: Residental projects

Designer Studio is specialize in creating unique and luxurious living spaces that reflect their philosophy in design but also accommodate the client’s vision in what they expect their “Dream Home” to look like.


Designer Studio: The best designs

For residential projects, Designer Studio likes to create a special bond with the client. That way is easier for them to build functional and aesthetically appealing designs that also have personalized touches in art and styling to turn your house into an intimate luxurious residence.

Designer Studio: Majlis & Dining

designer studio 1
designer studio 2
casa de londres
designer studio 3

The curved armchair creates an element of interest and balances the more linear furniture pieces. This dining room, by Designer Studio, is functional and refined elegance.

Inspired by the look


Inspired by the look

This classic living room is the place where you feel as if you belong to royalty. The classic lines on the walls, the elements of art, and the golden details, make the perfect combination to create a powerful and elegant design. The Black Ink modern rug comes to create a mysterious look into the living room but never fails to create a statement in the room.

Designer Studio: Master Bedroom

designer studio bedroom 1
designer studio bedroom 2
designer studio bedroom 3

This bedroom, by Designer Studio, combines the two most important things, luxury, and comfort, giving the tranquility of space in the midst of a busy life in the city of Doha.

Inspired by the look

Bedroom RS

Inspired by the look

A master bedroom of excellence with golden accents that show us what luxury looks like. The irreverent design of the furniture combines perfectly with our Valencia rug that warms up the room with its color that reminds us of the heat of the city with the same name. A contemporary rug with hand-tufted botanical silk.

coveted 20 rugs

Designer Studio: Formal Majlis

designer studio formal majlis 1
designer studio formal majlis 2
designer studio formal majlis 3

The design of this Modern Contemporary Majlis, by Designer Studio, consists of various elements that compliment the overall style of this Interior.

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