Peter Marino is undeniably one of the main figures in architecture and interior design. His high-end firm’s projects have garnered a vast number of awards and overwhelming recognition throughout the years. Based in New York, Marino has a global footprint in luxury residential, commercial, and hospitality design.

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Peter Marino’s remarkable career

Peter Marino Architecture began its activity in the late seventies. It has been largely credited for bringing luxury design and architecture to modernity. The firm has done so mainly by combining both disciplines. Among others, their clients feature luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari.

Peter Marino and his use of Rugs in Luxury Interior Design Projects - Best Interior Designers from Miami

Peter Marino’s approach to interior design

A key element throughout the firm’s projects is the inclusion of art pieces in their interiors. This option is aesthetically pleasing and gives an elevated sense of luxuriousness to every room. Rugs also play a pivotal role due to their patterns and colors. Peter Marino knows a luxury rug can tie a room design together and you can see that in his projects.

Peter Marino Design Projects featuring Modern Rugs

1. Miami Beach Residence

Peter Marino - Miami Beach Residence. Master Bedroom with green walls and golden details

This design combines neutral and warmer tones masterfully. It is also clear how the art pieces elevate the rooms they’re in.

Peter Marino - Miami Beach Residence. Living Room with Art pieces and golden upholstery
Peter Marino and his use of Rugs in Luxury Interior Design Projects - The 'illustrious' knightsbridge manor

2. Aspen Residence

Peter Marino - Aspen Residence. Small living room with white rug.

Located in the Rocky Mountains portion of Colorado, this home’s design is fully in touch with the tranquility of the outside landscape. The rugs bring an additional element of warmth and comfort in a minimalist design.

Peter Marino - Aspen Residence. Master bedroom with blue rug and a wooden floor.

Inspired by the Look

Peter Marino - Aspen Residence. Inspired by the look
Peter Marino and his use of Rugs in Luxury Interior Design Projects - Home'Society Magazine

3. Palm Beach Residence

Peter Marino - Palm Beach Residence. Living Room with black wooden floors, sculptures and striped rug.

The interiors in this project also have a strong artistic influence. It contributes to a sense of grandiosity and beauty that the rugs also contribute to.

Peter Marino - Palm Beach Residence. Hallway with floral bench.

4. Pierre New York

Peter Marino - Pierre New York. Living Room with book shelves, sofas and checkered rug.

A slightly more classic design, in true New York fashion. The art pieces bring an edgier touch to the interiors that have predominantly neutral tones.

Peter Marino - Pierre New York. Living room in neutral tones

Inspired by the Look

Peter Marino - Pierre New York. Inspired by the look.

5. Sagaponack Residence

Peter Marino - Sagaponack Residence. Living room with red and white sofas.

A design that is characterized by the combination of red and white tones. The abundant natural light is also a key feature.

Peter Marino - Sagaponack Residence. Office with red rug, sculpture and red, white and black painting.

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