Oval Rugs are today’s topic and Rug’Society promises to help you to complete your living room decor. The Oval Rugs makes conceivable the adaption of rugs to any type of space and creates a Bold style with no limits. If you are looking for a rug that comes to insert grandiosity in terms of shapes and styles, you are at the right place!

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Kleopatra Rug

Kleopatra Lounge - Oval Rugs

Oval Rugs

Kleopatra Lounge is a rug inspired by ancient Egypt, not only for the chromatic choice but also for the linear and rigid graphics that served as the basis of language throughout history. In ancient times communication was done through symbols, icons, and images and that was the base for the Kleopatra rug. This lounge version of the Kleopatra rug is a must-have tapestry with its sky blue and pale mustard tones and fringes.

Oval Rugs Ideas To Complete Your Living Room Design

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Mermaid Rug

Mermaid Lounge - Oval Rugs

Oval Rugs

With a creation without limits, Rug’Society has developed the Mermaid Rug, the fourth lounge collection. Inspired by the feminine representation of the sea, it transmits us her delicacy, enticing beauty, and sensuality. An elegant and oval rug, made with botanical silk and lurex, that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project.

Oval Rugs Ideas To Complete Your Living Room Design

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Lucy Rug

Lucy Lounge - Oval Rugs

Oval Rugs

With unique lines and unmistakable shapes, Lucy is an oval rug inspired by geometrical shapes and shades of pastel pink that make this astonishing lounge rug. Lucy is a hand-tufted product made with botanical silk and natural wool which has a super design that gathers all the magic of simple things and transforms your home decor into a colorful landscape.

Oval Rugs Ideas To Complete Your Living Room Design

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