Straight from the city of fashion and glamour, Paris, we have chosen the best interior designers to inspire you for your future projects.

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A.D.N / Paris

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Based in Paris for almost two decades, the studio has multi-specialist teams. In 2008 a second studio dedicated to interior design opened in Lyon and together they extended their skills to areas related to architecture: furniture, packaging, signage, visual identity.

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Agence Benny Benlolo

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Benlolo Architectes Designers is a design studio that incurs an extensive list of resources and can be found in the centre of Paris, wherefrom project conception to completion, it is here that the scope of work is elaborated. Their projects and contacts acquired over the years are what makes this interior design agency so distinctive.

Agence Christophe Pillet

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Christophe Pillet’s fundamental principles are lucidity of expression and the search for simplicity. Pillet’s perfect mastery of sensuality and refinement has earned him global recognition designing hotels, boutiques and directing artistic projects in the USA, Great Britain and Japan. He holds the international award for the spectrum and quality of his creations.

Agence Véronique Cotrel

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Véronique Cotrel based in Paris for over 10 years, supports its clients at all stages of the interior design or decoration project. The team of space design professionals (interior designers, architects, interior designers) work in all areas of the building: from briefing to sketches, including site monitoring or construction monitoring or simple decoration advice!

Anne-Sophie Pailleret

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Anne-Sophie Pailleret, is a Paris-based interior designer, and is known for creating spaces that are elegant and precious, but never overdone. She has a style that is sophisticated and grounded in precision.

Ateliers Gohard

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Ateliers Gohard with over 60 years of experience, specialises in luxury decorations. It creates exceptional, bespoke finishes based on exclusive know-how of craftsmanship.

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Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Jean Nouvel is known for his committed positions on the integration of architecture in the urban context and the originality of his projects around the world. His approach, which defies stylistic considerations, is guided only by the moment, the site, its history and its environment. Among his major achievements are the Institut du monde arabe, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain and the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac in Paris, the Opéra de Lyon, the Centre Culture et Congrès Lucerne – KKL (Switzerland).

Bismut & Bismut

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Daniel and Michel Bismut are French architects and interior designers who conceive exclusive residential and commercial projects, including high-end flats, embassies, hotels and concept shops all over the world.

Borella Art Design

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Borella Art Design is located in Paris. For each project, the team imagines, designs and creates a unique and original concept adapted to your destination. Interior architects, designers and set designers translate and interpret with elegance the most distinct universes, for an invitation to travel.

Bruno Borrione

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

A graduate of the Ecole Boulle (1978-1984), Bruno Borrione worked for a year with Nemo (design agency run by François Scali and Alain Domingo) and attended courses at UP6. In 1985 he joined Philippe Starck’s team and took part in various projects in Japan (Nani Nani, Asahi) or in the United States for Ian Schrager.


Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Caroline Keslassy is a French interior designer and architect. She is known for her informal yet bold aesthetic remaining contemporary, different and endless. Her speciality is creating mesmerizing designs in residential, boutique and office projects. Her biggest source of inspiration is her hometown, Paris.

Carré Lumière SARL

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Carré Lumière SARL selects design furniture, functional and modern, to beautify and optimize your spaces. The furniture must match your lifestyle, your needs and your style. It should be functional while creating a unique atmosphere that resembles you.

Chahan Interior Design

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Chahan Minassian defines himself as sharp, precise, selective, refined and applies these characteristics to all his projects: interior design, decoration, curating, galleries, design.
Of Armenian origin, born in Lebanon, he has been based in Paris since 1976. He is regarded as one of the most outstanding Parisian interior designers.


Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Chzon was founded by Dorothee Meilichzon, and is a global design agency specialized in hotel design. They have completed over 50 projects in Paris, London, Ibiza, Menorca, Venezia, Basel, Monaco & New York, from Interior Architecture to Furniture Design & All Graphic Elements.


Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Contraast is a company created by Arolld El-Baze who is a top Parisian interior designer with a classic-modern style and is focused on projects ranging from residential to commercial and hospitality


Interior Designers The Best of Paris

DesignbyCN is a team of interior architecture and design professionals who carry out all kinds of projects in France and abroad. It offers a complete study of space and interior architecture: light, shapes, chromatic universe, furniture, textures, materials, fabrics. Stylistic advice on the choice of materials, colours and decorative objects, as well as the creation of bespoke furniture and accessories.

Elliott Barnes Interiors

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Elliott Barnes in 2004 established his own design company in Paris. His aesthetic talents meant that he was immediately sought after for high-end design projects, including private residential properties, commercial and institutional spaces, hotels and spa facilities in France and abroad.

Emmanuelle Simon

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Architect and interior designer Emmanuelle Simon set up her own agency in 2017 and won the Audience Award at the Design Show in Toulon with her project “La Chambre sur l’eau” (Room on Water)
Emmanuelle applies a global vision to her projects, from architecture to individual objects.

Except Design

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Except Design located in Paris, is constituted by Samuel Elbilia interior designer Architect, Baptiste Billault specialized in interior architecture and Priscillia Sarah administrative.

Fabrizio Casiraghi

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Fabrizio Casiraghi with his work centred in Paris, developed his style and artistic sensibility in prestigious interior design studios, concentrating on hotel and retail projects.

FHTT Studio

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Founded by Julie Fuillet who has extensive experience in high-end hotels and public spaces. Through the creative process, her philosophy is to give a personal spirit, a very unique touch and feel, a memorable story to tell, to ambitious projects that are often technically complex.

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Franz Potisek

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Franz Potisek works in France and abroad. He designs country houses, mansions, shops and hotels. He looks for the perfect balance and tells stories through his sets.

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Garf Paris

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Heir to the innate refinement of lighting, françois joseph graf is an extravagant and humanist who has an extraordinary career: an architect, a powerful and renowned patron, a world-renowned interior decorator and designer and an aesthetic scholar who loves french luxury and lives art as a vocation, with generosity, rigour and talent.

Gensler Paris

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Gensler Paris is an architecture and interior design office that reflects an understanding of how people and organisations use and experience place and space in their projects. They work collaboratively with clients, communities and end-users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out.

Gesa Hansen

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Gesa Hansen, graduated from Bauhaus University and NZU Arts University Nagoya in Japan and did her first work experiences at Jean Nouvel and H5 in Paris. Her design is inspired by her family heritage, my Scandinavian past and the strong contrast between the two countries that taught her to be a designer: France and Japan.

J.C.T. Interiors

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

JCT is an interior design company that creates unique interiors for clients: individuals, businesses, hotels and resorts. They undertake projects in a variety of styles from French classic to contemporary anywhere in the world.


Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Laura Gonzalez is known for designing places with a remarkable identity where she never uses just one style, always being inspired by many references.
Laura Gonzalez has gained a lot of experience in interior design and has defined her style as “chic mix and match”.

Les Ateliers Du Décorateur

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Les Ateliers Du Décorateur was founded by Karine Nezzar, Architect and Interior Decorator. It is trusted by its professional and private clients with increasingly ambitious achievements in terms of Layout and Interior Design

Lina Ghotmeh

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

The approach of Lina Ghotmeh, is constituted by extreme sensitivity, attests in each of her proposals her visionary eye and her libertarian spirit. She has realized several remarkable projects: Réalimenter Masséna (winner of the Réinventons Paris) or the complex of the El Khoury Stone Garden Foundation in Beirut.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

Louis Vuitton

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Louis Vuitton’s spirit of adventure is expressed through its unique heritage, values and rigorous spirit of innovation and ingenuity, the boldness of its creations and the demand for perfection in its designs. Leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, watches and jewellery.


LovMyB tends to offer the possibility to find ONE UNIQUE object that will create surprise, enchantment, but that will respond to concrete needs related to the age of the Child or Baby .
LovMyB is not only a story, it is an adventure.

Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

Maison Darré

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Maison Darré was created by the whimsical and baroque, Vincent Darré who is above all free and agile. No doubt his James Thierré side, of which he has the wick and tone and that dandyish allure.

Malherbe Paris

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Malherbe Paris was founded 24 years ago and is an independent, leading international creative agency in retail design.
The agency creates innovative concepts at the service of brands from mass distribution to luxury products and most of its clients are leaders in their fields.

Michael Malapert

Interior Designers The Best of Paris

Michael Malapert allows us to offer something new, fresh and surprising. With the gift of the creative, his suggestions bring good humour and often tie in with the notion of aggregation around a central, welcoming element.

Moinard – Bétaille (4BI & Associés)

Moinard – Bétaille is a company symbolised by the French art of living. They are present all over the world and are innovative and demanding with their customers. They know how to change constantly for durability.


Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

RDAI was founded in 1972 by interior designer, Rena Dumas. Rooted in the elegant architecture of Paris, RDAI’s interior heritage, situated on the world’s most luxurious shopping streets, became a design laboratory for the incubation of ideas. Now led by Denis Montel, the practice has brought its expertise to a global architecture that addresses every conceivable scale.

Rodolphe Parente

Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

Rodolphe Parente graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Dijon and then from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, he collaborated for a few years with Ms Andrée Putman in Paris. He was responsible for major projects, from furniture such as the Emeco collection or Poltrons Frau, to interior design such as the refurbishment of the Morgans Hotel in New York.

Sandra Benhamou Interior Design

Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

Sandra Benhamou is a top French interior designer that founded her design company in 2010. With an amazing background in cinema and a massive passion for art, she decided to take the next step, and combine the power of art with the interior design industry.


Distributors and retailers of lighting and furniture design, distribution of the most prestigious brands in shops and on the Internet.

Interior Designers: The Best of Paris


Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

SC EDITIONS was founded by Stéphanie Coutas, who in 2020 was named as one of the 100 most influential interior designers by AD Magazine.
Stéphanie Coutas has developed a great sense of intuition for the blending of cultures and an appreciation for high-end but understated “art de vivre”.

Studio Ko

Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

The studio was created by Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty who have applied their elemental statement to all scales of their projects. Rooted in a classical training, the duo affirms a global and immersive approach to their profession, from architecture to interior design and furniture design. At the heart of their approach is an uncompromising freedom and the need to create a unique narrative, most in tune with the truth of the context.

Studio MHNA

Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

Studio MHNA was founded by Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet, who together with their team, have been pursuing a particular idea of elegance and a certain French style. From the very beginning, this studio has been imagining, designing and developing projects with highly personalised creative atmospheres. At the heart of all projects have been two notions: sophistication and luxury.

Studio Putman

Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

This studio is an interior design agency created by Andrée Putman, and since 2007 her daughter, Olivia Putman, has run the company.
They carry out projects for hotels, offices, private residences, commercial spaces all over the world and create objects for prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christofle or Lalique.


Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

Architect, interior designer, Thierry Lemair during the last twenty years has managed the implementation of luxury flats and private houses, while recently, he has created new public spaces in the Parisian capital.
He designs strong spaces with sensual modernism.


Interior Designers: The Best of Paris

Jean-Michel Wilmotte est un architecte, urbaniste et designer qui a créé son propre cabinet d’architecture à Paris en 1975. Au fil des années, l’agence s’est diversifiée et travaille principalement dans cinq domaines clés : l’architecture, l’architecture d’intérieur, la muséographie, l’urbanisme et le design.

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