Basel, considered the capital of culture, is the third biggest city in Switzerland. Get ready to be inspired by some of the best projects the city of Basel has seen, as today we present you Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects.

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1. Hermès Pop-Up Story by Adrien Rovero

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Adrien Rovero from Basel works across furniture, lighting, and exhibition design. A graduate of the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne with a Master’s in Industrial Design, he opened his own studio in Renens in 2006. This project’s objective was to integrate this Hermès Pop-Up store into the larger context of the city. Rovero went with a classic approach with a modern twist. A well-blent palette of colors, mixing shades of red and brown, gives a new life to this project.

2. Atelier Olivetti Ben

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

The Atelier Olivietti Ben was founded by Priska Olivetti and Subing Ben in Basel, Switzerland. Priska Olivetti has 20 years of professional experience in interior design, architecture, and scenography. This project has a very natural context, with the plants taking up a portion of the space. The clean and neutral palette of colors used makes this project a timeless design.

3. Bravo Ricky

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Bravo Ricky is an interior design studio created in 2012 and based in Basel and this studio works to create the perfect harmony between expression, content, and form into the spaces. The team works always to conjugate the beauty, functionality, and the unexpected. This project represents nature and earthy tones, with mostly shades of brown, white, and beige used. The plants evolving the project also create a natural touch, combining perfectly with earth tones.

4. Ribetschi Park Apartment by Haberstroh Architekten

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

A modern and beautiful approach in this project by the studio Haberstroh Architekten. This spacious apartment was designed having in mind a clean look and layout of furniture, simplicity, and neutrality being the key factors. Surrounded by a beautiful 360º degree view, this living room is well-lit, emphasizing the space, giving the furniture brightness, and turning this living room alive.



5. Harmstorf & Petz

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

“Each of our unique pieces tells a story. We are particularly fond of French furniture from the 20s and 30s. We keep our eyes and ears open at all times for the discovery of old treasures and often come across rough diamonds: With our many years of experience”. This contemporary project in Basel has been greatly influenced by several shades of blue. Some golden accents have also been used to contrast with the amazing midnight blue decor.

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Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

6. Residential Project by Harmstorf & Petz

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

“We bring historical furniture back to shine through elaborate restorations. Let yourself be inspired by the interplay of the originals and our timeless design and tell the story of our unique pieces.” A simple project mostly composed of black and white with some wooden elements, contrasting perfectly the black tones. A modern approach to a mid-century residential project.

7. Spatious Apartment by Herzog & de Meuron

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Established in Basel in 1978, Herzog & de Meuron is a partnership led by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron together with Senior Partners Christine Binswanger, Ascan Mergenthaler, Stefan Marbach, Esther Zumsteg, and Jason Frantzen. This project was created in a cozy yet spacious apartment, with a characteristic mid-century style, dominating each division. The variety of colors and shapes create a unique ambiance, showcasing modern and classic-inspired furniture. The large windows are a plus, bringing all the colors to life, altogether.

8. Highrise Apartment by Herzog & de Meuron

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

An international team of nearly 500 collaborators including the two Founders, five Senior Partners, eight Partners, and 42 Associates works on projects across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The main office is in Basel with additional offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Copenhagen. A modern approach to a classic design project. The natural element is present, through the use of the wooden benches, serving as coffee tables, and some trees on top. The color palette is very minimal, neutral, blending all the space into a snug ambiance.

9. Idealraum

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Idealraum is an interior design studio based in Basel, Switzerland that focuses mainly on textiles and upholstery. The concept of this studio is the daily routine and the team is always in symphony with what the client wants. The most important thing to the designers is to face the challenges with joy and care. The simplicity of this project is what makes it so great. Clean and simple lines, mixing with a neutral color palette create a calming surrounding, perfect to relax after a long day of work.


OSLO RUG By Rug'Society

10. Inner Eye by Karine Kosinsky

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

“I follow a process of gentleness and professionalism: I know where I am going and I am fixed in my ideas. A very refined and cocooning style with a very feminine approach that allows me to distinguish myself from my competition. I like to combine modernity and softness. My goal is to offer you an unparalleled quality of service so that you feel like you have a new home.” A midnight-blue-inspired residential project. A modern take on simplicity, bright color palette defines this project. The black and brown colors contrast perfectly with the tones of blue.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

11. Jenna Ridley

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

“You may like my own personal style and you may not, but what matters most of all is that I create a home that reflects your own style and personality (not mine) and I will always design with that at the forefront of my mind, working closely with you, my clients to ensure the result encompasses your own individuality whilst enhancing your lifestyle.” A very bright and neutral palette, mostly dominated by beige, smooth pink, and black tones. The color palette and the great amount of sunlight bring the color palette alive and give a tranquilization ambiance to this beautiful living room in Basel.

12. Maison Davidoff by Lassoudry Architects + Designers

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

The Lassoudry Architects + Designers principle is to find the best individual solutions for each client that goes against the customer’s wishes. “It is important to collect as much knowledge as possible about a company and develop the right feeling for the implementation of visions and needs.” This project was conceived with every single detail in mind. A classic natural feeling brought by the wooden finishes. This waiting area is soothing in colors and simple in conception, creating the perfect ambiance for this particular project.

13. Transitional Bedroom Project by Maria Allemann

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Maria believes that whether you are an individual or a professional, there is a concept, an idea, or a project made for your interior. This bedroom is the perfect example of what a modern living room should look like. Predominantly with shades of beige accentuating the grey tones, this project was designed while paying close attention to detail, and the final product is astonishing.



14. Farmhouse Bedroom by Maria Allemann

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

A farmhouse project largely characterized by the traditional red and white pattern on the walls, cushion, pillows, and a cover. The presence of nature is also evident as the frame of the bedroom is made to resemble tree branches. A very rustic and classic project, giving a new life to this bedroom based in Basel.

15. Residential Project by Patricia Leforestier

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Patricia Leforestier is another from Basel that works with her heart. Her passion is to create places that invite people to stay and she is always worried about creating ambiances of wellness and close to the client’s personality. A very natural palette of colors, with the white and beige from the sofa and rug accentuating the midnight blue from the wall and black tones of the chair and center table. A well-put ambiance that screams home, having such a comforting feeling and cozy ambiance.

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16. Office Project by Patricia Leforestier

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Characterized by a minimalist approach and simple lines, this office entryway design has a neutral palette with shades of grey and a pink puff contrasting the ambiance. A modern touch to a minimalist approach creating an elegant ambiance.

17. Private House by Rolf Fischer AG

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Rolf Fischer‘s main focus is to make people feel comfortable in their homes. The studio believes that “feeling really good at home has become a basic need for modern people”. This private house in Basel is a clean project with a modern twist. An evolving white and black entourage centered by a dark yellow rug, contrasting with the rest of the décor, positively, giving it life and vibrance.

18. Private Appartment by Rolf Fischer AG

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

Rolf Fischer’s studio works to project and find the best solutions for interior design, which goes from hospitality to public places. An extravagant project, characterized by shades of gold, fuschia, grey, and black. The color palette present in this design matches, creating a luxurious feeling surrounding the entire house.

19. Residential Apartment by ZWEI Design

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

“Putting people at the center of design” is the mission of ZWEI Design studio based in Basel, Switzerland. The living room design is spotless, combining shades of grey and white with some gold touches and wooden finishes. The whole project has a comforting ambiance and the neutrality of the color palette makes it a timeless design.

20. Apartment Project by ZWEI Design

Inspiration From Basel: Top 20 Interior Design Projects

The studio design, based in Basel, and re-designs the interiors that go against human interaction, “creating beautiful, sensible, and functional spaces that bring joy and help make people feel at home”. This project brings to life an earthy sensation, combining the dark grey sofa, the flower arrangement, and the hide rug. It brings a dash of color into a mostly plain ambiance in tones of white and black.

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