Being the second-most populous city in Switzerland, Geneva is home to several amazing interior designers. This is the reason we’ve decided to share today, our 20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva, in order to inspire you to create your own amazing project.

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1. Contemporary House by Agata Adjaj

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This amazing project, partnering up Agata Adjaj, DelighFULL, and Essential Home is simply put amazing. This house on the lake was the canvas where modern art pieces, such as the Coltrane Wall Lamp, the Monocles Sideboard, or the Loren Armchair, occupied a central place. The project was envisioned as contemporary and the end result really speaks for itself. Vibrant colors and a variety of patterns and shapes mixes perfectly have been placed together to create this interior design masterpiece.


Monocles Sideboard by Essential Home

2. Villa Chamby by Adeli

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This villa in Montreux was beautifully redesigned and refurbished by the amazing team at Adeli. The challenge was to keep the same clean lines of the 60’s while still representing the current owner’s taste. Each object was positioned carefully to best capture its essence and to maintain the flow of the room. Lighting features were used and windows resized in order to enhance the room’s perspective and its dimension.

3. Verbier by ADP Décoration

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This design project, created by Alexandra De Pfyffer at ADP Décoration is breathtaking. The harmony of the palette as well as the featured products make this project a marvelous creation. Alexandra brings a new form of baroque perfectly mixed with a contemporary approach. The project name, Verbier, is a reference to the location of the project. Situated in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, better known for being a ski resort.

4. Residential Project by Anna Hovhannisyan

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Anna’s work is world-renowned and her name doesn’t go unnoticed. This amazing residential project cannot be overlooked, being created with both elegance and a dark pattern. This color scheme and especially the fireplace create a cozy and homely environment, that makes you want to stay in on those cold winter days.

5. Apartment by Anna Hovhannisyan

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

The mix of colors and patterns in this living room project is simply amazing. Anna achieved to create a harmonious living space with the most important elements: light, space, and color. A bright color scheme reflects the light perfectly, also creating a sense of a bigger space. A project with a modern/art-déco style spreading elegance and joy.

6. Autumn Design

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This concept breathes space and light and everything flows elegantly. The words practicality and functionality were key in this residential project. The room is beautifully lit, given every aspect of its decor a soothing color. Practical as an office and cozy as a living room, this room fulfills both requirements being perfect either to work or to relax.

7. Montreux Apartment by Cécile Morel

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Clean and simple décor is what best describes this project. The shades of cream and beige create a sense of home and serenity, and will definitely preserve its style and be on trend for years to come. The pillows and lamps come in as a disrupting yellow and grey matching perfectly with the beige tones. This project couldn’t have been created with more elegance and know-how, showcasing Cécile’s vast experience in interior design.

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Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

8. Cornermoon

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Spacious and contemporary, this living room exhales personality. From the zebra rug perfectly matching the white chaise-longue, the pillows, and the center table, to the carefully selected sofas giving a splash of color in a mostly neutral/earth-toned living room, this living room is both spacious and cozy. Beautiful design pieces and open spaces can really make a difference in a project, and Cornermoon carefully selected the finest products and materials and created this masterpiece of a living room.

9. Miami Penthouse by Dôme Project Interiors

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This astonishing project was developed by the Genevan firm Dôme Project Interiors, in a prestigious Miami apartment, with a total of 800 square meters to design. The living area is extremely spacious and full of natural light and the furnishing products are absolutely magnificent, creating a perfectly balanced contemporain high-end living room.

10. Klebert Apartment by Dupin 1820

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

The Klebert Apartment project was brought to life and based on wood and its infinite variations. This large pied-à-terre was renovated and given a breath of fresh air. The earth-tones and the wooden details really accentuate this project’s elegance and high-end design. The oval wooden structure detail was created to hide the multimedia center, with beautiful elegance. To better integrate the kitchen and the main room, carpets and curtains made to measure were used to create a sense of space and light to the entire room.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

11. Modern Cottage by Haven Interiors

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Elegant design showcasing a neutral palette in the living room and a dash of color in the dining room area. Both areas were created in such an elegant manner that even though they are meant to be distinct areas, they coexist and both styles are aligned and in sync. This is the perfect cottage to escape the city, simply created with an elegant and classic design.

12. Living Tradition

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This amazing interior design project created by Living Tradition is neutral in shades and has a simple yet sophisticated touch. Monique Bargoni-Virchaux and Guido Bargoni have over 20 years of experience, accomplishing their clients’ needs and delivering a reliable and thoughtful service.

13. Lucy Axam Design

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

With an eye for detail and neutrality, this wonderful project was delivered by the renowned Lucy Axam. Her sense of elegance, refinement, and modernity is the main factor that contributes to the success of her projects. This design project in particular has simple lines, an elegant neutral palette and resonates perfectly with the white frames and beige walls.

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14. MyChezMoi Project by Margaux Keller

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This bright and colorful project, created by Margaux Keller, was created for the realtor agency MyChezMoi. Different shapes and colors, prioritizing the use of wood on desks and chairs. This project was designed to also bring a sense of nature to a corporate world, with the incorporation of various plants throughout the office.

15. Cappet Project by MI Interiors

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Clean simple lines and neutral tones are at the heart of this project. The shades of beige in the living room and overtones of grey in the dining room were specifically chosen to showcase distinction between divisions, even though they’re in the same room. Making living quarters cozy and spacious, Maria Illescas, solo designer at MI Interiors has an elegant style and is able to completely transform dull projects into eye-catching ones, such as the Cappet home.

16. Apparatus Studio by Ormond Editions

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Connected to nature, breathing space and well lit, this studio is the epitome of style and personality. The earth-tones, use of marble mixing with the brown lamp and side table and chairs, create a warm atmosphere, that’s hard to be indifferent to.

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17. Private Manor by Peter Kammermann

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

This private manor, located in Geneva, was the canvas for the world-renowned interior designer, Peter Kammermann. Characterized by opulence and lavish luxury, this project exudes a royal atmosphere. The furniture and colors were chosen to perfectly match the royal style of the manor and to further enhance a lavish design.

18. Apartment Decoration by Severine Piller

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Reflecting a simple and clean dark and white theme, this apartment decoration was executed holding the highest standards, always focusing on room design and ambiance. This living room certainly gives a homely and cozy feeling and feels like the best companion after a long day of work. The cultural aspect was prominent and definitely present throughout the house decor with various figurines and indigenous figure masks, embracing diversity and world-wide culture.

19. Alpine Chalet by Turner Pocock

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

A homely feeling surrounds us when we’re exposed to such an interior design. This alpine chalet fully captures the essence of a cozy chalet by the mountains. As a modern alpine chalet should be, it has simple lines, a black and white theme, and a fireplace, that will definitely keep you warm on those cold winter days.

20. Villa Cologny by Virginia Azevedo

20 Must-See Design Projects In Geneva

Located in Geneva, this villa exudes elegance and a classic yet modern style. The open spaces help to appreciate every single corner and its design. Simple and elegant, this living room has a classic touch, mainly because of the Persian rug. The big windows and open drapes showcase the amazing interior design, by shedding light on the room.

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