Mumbai is the second-most populous city in India after Delhi. The architecture of the city is a blend of Gothic Revival, Indo-Saracenic, Art Deco, and other contemporary styles. In the newer suburbs, modern buildings dominate the landscape. Mumbai has by far the largest number of skyscrapers in India! As you may understand by now, in this article, we will talk about the Top 25 Mumbai Interior Designers.

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1. Alcove Studio

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Alcove Studio was founded by Sejal Mittal as an outlet for her design aspirations. At the studio, they consider themselves as the medium through which their clients can visualize, communicate, conceptualize and translate their dreams into any residential or commercial space.

2. Anthis Design

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Anthis Design is a Mumbai-based boutique design studio, specializing in residential interiors and extending its services to both: private clients and developers. This studio team is specialized in tailoring their design solutions to meet the client’s objectives. They are proud of their ability to understand the client’s vision, lifestyle, and experiences and translate them into space where functionality and practicality meld seamlessly with its aesthetic appeal.

3. Ariyona Interior

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Ariyona Interior was created by Rittika, an Interior Designer based in Mumbai. The studio works mostly with residential projects, creating simple and eclectic interior design and decoration sets. The company has owned the Best of Houzz 2020, 19 & 18: Design & Service award.

4. AUM Architects

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

AUM Architects was established in 2004 under the adept leadership of Manish Dikshit and Nachiket Borawake, and nowadays, accentuates a multi-faceted portfolio reflecting their experience and proficiency in managing state-of-art projects. Their team is committed to steadily curating spatial ideas that meet the demands of their clients with design deliverables that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also satisfy client requirements.

5. Contour STDC

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Contour was created by Anand Mehta and Prashant Halankar. Over the years, they have achieved an enviable level of specialization where today the company is an award-winning, full-service architecture, interiors, and urban design studio. Their portfolio counts with institutional, educational, commercial, residential, and recreational interior spaces.

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

6. Essajees Atelier

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Essajees Atelier was established in 2014 by Sarah as an independent design practice founded on the legacy and ethos of the Essajees brand. This studio has a small team of very dedicated professionals who ensure that every project is overseen with detail, care, and utmost personal attention. Their team works successfully with residential and commercial projects. 

7. Jannat Vasi

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Jannat Vasi Interior Design is an award-winning multi-disciplinary boutique practice based in Mumbai. Founded by interior architect Jannat Vasi, the studio’s expertise lies in interior space planning, conceptualizing, design development, and execution. Her work has been internationally recognized and featured in multiple global publications worldwide including Vogue Living, Architectural Digest, and Elle Decor. The studio undertakes luxury residential projects as well as commercial and hospitality projects where Jannat delivers unique aesthetic spaces to her clientele which are functional.

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Design Service 2019

8. Kunal Interiors

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Kunal Interiors is a full-service design company with a strong belief that designs should be completely bespoke. This studio specializes in high-end residential, hotels, restaurants, commercial and institutional projects with an aim to bring the best out of each individual space. They embrace the unique challenge of every project and bring each element of design together into a collective harmony that is inspired by the client’s individual traits and functional needs.

9. Lime House Design Studio

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Lime House Design Studio is a Mumbai based interior design consultancy. Tanushree Lakhotia, the principal designer, started the company in 2015, after having worked with top architecture and design companies in Mumbai and Delhi. The studio’s professional services include interior design, consultation, interior stylish, and complete turnkey solutions.

10. Livspace

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Livspace was created by Anuj and Ramakant, and it is a trusted interior design marketplace that connects interior designers, vendors, and customers across India and Singapore. They provide end-to-end home interior services across 15 cities with over 20,000 happy customers. They are a design and technology-first start-up and employ a combination of data science, algorithms, and design to create unique experiences for homeowners and scale the job of interior designers.

11. Luxerior Interior Designs

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Luxerior Interior Designs is one of the leading residential and commercial interior designers in Mumbai. Their services include all types of interior design and execution solutions which are categorized into the home or residential interiors, commercial and office interiors, complete or partial interior renovations and remodeling, turnkey contracting, and retail interiors. 

12. Milind Pai Architects

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Milind Pai Architects was established in 1987 and this is one of the most reputed design companies in Mumbai and India, specializing in residential and commercial interior projects. Their team’s most valued aspect is the business knowledge they bring to the project development process.

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13. Nítido Interior Design

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Nítido Interior Design is built on the pillars of diligence, persistence, and commitment. As a team, they respect one another and all individuals that they come in contact with. Their vision is to be recognized as one of India’s pre-eminent interior design and build companies, offering their clients an unmatched spectrum of premium services with a pointed focus on exceptional quality, service consistency, and design innovation.

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

14. Panache Designs

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Established in 2011, Panache is a Mumbai based interior design consultancy that focuses on projects that reflect their client’s personality and aspirations. Their team ensures that every project gets its own individual style. Panache was born as a result of the love that a group of people shares for passion to create beautiful homes. Balancing the taste of the clients and their surroundings, they have done to great success more than 200 different projects in 8 cities.

15. Pramukh Inc.

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Pramukh Inc. is an interior designing and interior turnkey contractors company established in Mumbai. This was created by Mehulkumar Rafaliya and this studio ensures innovative and unique designs for residential and commercial purpose with quality service to its clients with the help of
a greatly experienced team.

16. Purple Backyard

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Purple Backyard was founded in 2010 and since then has created a proud portfolio of projects across residential, hospitality, commercial spaces, and shop floors. Timeless design with an uncluttered and optimistic vision best describes the studio’s aesthetic. The studio takes pride in sticking to its design roots, whilst incorporating client needs through bespoke workshops and consultations. 

17. Rebel Designs

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Rebel Designs epitomizes a discreet lifestyle. The overall level of creative thinking, daring to experiment and the never-say-die attitude has been the success mantra for this company. They can do a complete design process as their interior designers are involved in every phase of a construction or remodeling project, and aim to maximize the convenience and ensure the health and safety of the users of the structure.

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

18. SNZ Designs

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

SNZ Designs was founded by Supriya Jadhav and Zuber Khan. This company offers a one-window service for interior design requirements, as they carry their expertise in residential and commercial projects. Their team of experts works hard to ensure that their clients’ home or office looks perfect.

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19. Solid and Voids

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Solids and Voids is your one-stop solution for fine styling, exclusive detailing, and optimum space utilization of residential spaces. They believe that in recent times, India has been through some really significant changes in terms of standard of living. There is a rapid increase in a high-end lifestyle. So that they want to customize everything in design, décor, and furniture, is on the rise.

20. Studio Kajal Soni

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Kajal Soni is the core founder and the design director of the company studio, which is fundamentally based in Mumbai. She comes with a comprehensive overview of various projects ranging from residential, commercial to large resorts, and villas.  ​The studio is engaged in interior styling as well as furniture design projects. Their projects so far cover a series from revamping café to completely redesigning them, residences, bungalows, and also furniture designing.

21. Studio Knosh

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Studio Knosh, an interior and furniture design practice, based right out of the heart of Mumbai. Since its inception in 2015, the team has expanded and taken on various residential, office, and bespoke projects. Aesthetic value and style are as important as the function of the space. With that in mind, Studio Knosh plans spaces to maximize utility for the client, without allowing any compromise on aesthetic significance.

22. The 7th Corner Interior Designer

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

The 7th Corner Interior is an interior design company based in Mumbai. Their focus is to inspire the clients and demonstrate their design excellence to exceed the client’s expectations. The team’s passion is always on creating spaces that are refined, sophisticated which reflect their client personality. The studio provides luxury interior design services for residential and commercial properties.

23. The Design Chapel

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

The Design Chapel team believes that every project is different and needs a creative solution, a collaboration between the client and the designer. They approach each new project with a sense of childlike enthusiasm. The studio team responds to each project through its context, spatial conditions, client requirements, and conceives design narratives that are unique in every project.

24. Ya Interiors

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

Ya Interiors is a Mumbai based company established in 2003. It is a recognized interior design, planning, and consulting company with expertise in residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects. Operating with the utmost in business ethics, their team is known for their reliability and attention to detail on every project. With an active private residential practice, the design team has direct access to a wide range of high-end design trends and ideas.

25. ZERO9

Stylish 25 Ideas from Top Mumbai Interior Designers

ZERO9 is a multifaceted design company, creating award-winning experiences for over a decade. Their expertise spans 4 major quadrants advertising, exhibitions, architecture, and interiors for commercial and residential projects. The team’s restless curiosity translates the client’s needs to reality keeping the sensible and sustainable design as the focus. Their projects focus on a complete design+build expertise in offices, apartments, bungalows, restaurants, and cafes.

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