Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers reflect the city’s multicultural background with their work, drawing inspiration form its european cultural heritage.Their minimal and neutral style also grabs some elements of nature and is mainly eco-friendly. Although these designers use mainly neutral colours combined with wood elements, the rugs used in their projects bring some dynamic to their designs with the use of different patterns. Find out some of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers below!



1.Alez Dampsey

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Alex Dampsey Design is one of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, specializing in renovations, new builds, home furnishing and décor packages around the Lower Mainland. Alex has worked in the design industry for over 10 years. Her passion lies in design forward functionality, as she understands the value of creating spaces that are both esthetically pleasing and custom to every family’s lifestyle.


2.Burgers Architecture

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Burgers Architecture, the next on our list of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, is an award winning, immersive, multi-generational architecture and interior design firm with specialized place context for the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Their leading reputation was established through their progressive environmental stewardship while creating legacy architecture for the West Coast’s most discerning and conscious minds. The firm’s philosophy focuses on the integration of Critical Regionalism and High Performance Design, applying a forward thinking mindset within the context of place.


3.Décor Aid

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Décor Aid is one of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers and provides a high-touch, end-to-end interior design service. This firm makes it very easy to work with the best senior interior designer for any style, budget, and scope. They work exclusively with interior designers who have a degree in interior design and at least 10 years of high-end design experience. Each senior designer is hand-selected after exceeding the standards of their meticulous vetting process. They approach each and every project with the same dedication and meticulous standards that inspired drove them to revolutionize the interior design process.


4.Gaile Guevara

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Gaile guevara is an interior designer by profession that brings her passion for design and a love of connecting clients with creative talent into each project. Her specialty is in distilling an interior to its purest elements – the entire space becomes a concise expression for the client’s love of what is beautiful. Gaile Guevara is a believer that design can help provide a meaningful connection between people and their environments. Over a span of 20 years, Gaile brings a depth of knowledge built through her passion of connecting like minded creatives. This is part of what makes her one of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers.


5.Jamie Banfield

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

The Jamie Banfield Design team is recognized for its signature warm timeless west coast style. They have a true passion for all spaces of the home. This team is made up of innovative, passionate and forward thinking problem solvers that have become a trusted creative force in the design and construction industry, while being led by principal designer Jamie Banfield. Their design team offers a variety of skill sets that create beautiful spaces that are sustainable and functional. With te team’s collaborative mindset, this firm in our Vacouver’s Best Interior Designers list has the ability to transform and create spaces that exude both function and beauty.


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6.Jamie Deck

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Jamie Deck is an award-winning designer who’s always buzzing with creative energy and ideas that push the envelope of traditional design. One of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, her mind is as active as her body, which led to her passion for spaces that support the ways in which we move and create. Inspired by her dad’s innate passion for architecture and design, Jamie’s interior design vocation is in her blood. Her entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit led to her found an Interior Design firm, SHIFT Interiors, over a decade ago.


7.Kelly Deck

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Kelly Deck Design is renowned for its tranquil and luxurious interior design style. One of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, their work focuses on interior design for high-end custom homes, and extends to home décor and turnkey services. Their projects include oceanside estates, modern city homes and fine vacation properties around the world. With two decades of experience collaborating with architects and designing homes for a global clientele, Kelly Deck Design is both conduit and custodian to the client’s lifestyle and taste.


Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


8.Laura Agnew Designs

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Another addition to this list of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers is Laura Agnew Designs, a team that has been creating elegant, confident and luxurious living spaces in Vancouver, Whistler and Hong Kong. With more than twenty years of experience, Principal Designer, Laura Agnew and her team offer a wide variety of services including, new build consultation/design, renovation consultation/design, interior and exterior decorating/design and styling. This firm’s main goal is to create beautiful spaces in the world’s best places.


9.Maria Killam

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Maria Killam is an internationally known colour expert, design blogger, decorator, stylist, and best-selling author. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Maria’s brand is built on the solid foundation of classic and timeless design principles and her unparalleled expertise in colour, what makes her stand out among Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers. Maria is an unique voice in the design world and her groundbreaking System for Specifying Colour: Understanding Undertones™  offers an effective and practical approach to choosing colour that has been studied and put into practice by thousands of design professionals and enthusiasts around the world.


10.Patricia Gray

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Over the past three decades, Patricia Gray has built an international reputation as a preeminent interior designer whose unique style holistically integrates luxury, finely crafted detail and a contemporary vision into signature spaces known for both their beauty and livability. Under her direction, Patricia Gray Interiors Inc. located in Vancouver has become a leading name in the interior design field, sought out by celebrities, prominent business people and other discerning homeowners. For these and many more reasons, Patricia is another of our sellection of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers.


11.Reisa Pollard

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

The next on our list of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers is Reisa Pollard and her team, who specialize in residential new-builds, renovations, and hospitality design. In her over 12 years’ experience, she has built a strong reputation for creating innovative, one of a kind spaces for her clients. Her diverse body of work is not defined by her own personal choices, as she adapts to each client to create something unique to their home or business.


12.Samantha Pynn

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Besides being one of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, Samantha Pynn is a pillar in the Canadian interior design landscape, being also a well known TV personality. A decorator, stylist and television personality, this young woman has another accomplishment to add to her résumé as she partners with Simons to design products for the home. Samantha is known for creative do-it-yourself home projects and a fresh, colourful style as well as for being a recognized stylist and decorator.


13.Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Sarah Gallop Design Inc. (known as SGDI) is one of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers. The company has an extensive portfolio; with experience working on projects large and small, in both residential and commercial design. From small renovations to new custom homes, the firm’s unique designs span a vast range of styles and locations throughout Canada, USA and Asia. SGDI’s competence in executing the design enables the team to keep their focus on ensuring that their clients have all the knowledge to start their project without regret, and finish with pride in their new, beautiful, and functional space. The firm understands the construction and design industry very well, and wants to help their clients to have an amazing experience when designing their home.


14.Sarah Marie

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Sarah-Marie founded her company, Sarah-Marie Interior Designs, in 2010. Her vision was to create a company that forced people to step outside of their comfort zone and to celebrate their individuality by expanding their design horizons and introducing them to new concepts which they may not have otherwise considered. Sarah-Marie Interior Designs is a small design company with full-scale capabilities that make them one of Vancouver’s Best INterior Designers. With projects all over the lower mainland, she is known for her timeless approach and detail oriented manner.


15.Scott and Scott

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

One of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, Scott and Scott was established by Susan and David Scott in 2012 and it’s an architecture and design practice. Their experience has been on projects varied in scale and location with a focus on contemporary public buildings and private residences where specific requirements and site logistics have required technically rigorous design strategies. Projects completed by both partners have been recognized through international publication and awards. Their aim is to complete projects where the team can be personally involved in all aspect of the design and construction process.


16.Sophie Burke Design

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Sophie Burke Design (SBD) is an award winning Vancouver design practice known for its creativity, subtle sophistication and warmth. The focus of their work is in private homes and select retail. Understated, elegant, and classic design combined with the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest shape, their designs and approach. Sophie Burke Design strives to design simple, timeless and beautiful spaces that are meaningful for the people who live in them. These are reasons enough to be on this list of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers.


Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte


17.Ste Marie Design

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Ste. Marie creates breakthrough projects that engage the public, resonate with end users and propel businesses forward. Bringing together concept consulting and commercial interior design, this firm partners with their clients to shape impactful, experience-driven spaces. Creating a team with some of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, they believe that transformational ideas demand integrity in execution. By developing visionary concepts that unite every department and discipline, they help developers, owners and asset managers compete at the top level, mitigate risk and deliver high-performing legacy projects.


18.Studio Roslyn

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Studio Roslyn is a full-service interior design and creative consulting studio co-founded by principals Jessica MacDonald and Kate Snyder in Vancouver, British Columbia. They specialize in developing considered design solutions for built environments across the milieu of commercial, institutional and residential space. These Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers hold dear their core belief that true creativity is not to be in conflict with commerce, and that their work should not be bound by the divisions between art, design, fashion and architecture.


19.Victoria Mckenney

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Arguably another of Vancouver’s Best Interior Designers, Victoria is known for incorporating form and function to create warm and inviting residential interiors that her clients can easily recognize themselves in. She finds inspiration for new spaces in diverse ways; from the simple lines of a flower to the flowing forms of the Guggenheim Bilbao. With her company, Enviable Designs Inc., she strives to create “Comfortable sophistication” in our client’s homes by using an effortless blend of European classic with hints of modern and twists of the traditional.


20.ZWADA home interiors

Vancouver's Best Interior Designers

Last but not least, the final firm in our list of Vancouver’s Interior Designers, ZWADA home Interiors & Design is a residential design studio, located in downtown Vancouver, founded in 2007 by Don Zwarych and Kyo Sada. While studio work forms the cornerstone of its business, ZWADA home also provides exquisitely crafted custom furniture, home furnishings and art, examples of which are showcased throughout their projects as an ever evolving exploration in design. The company’s vision was born out of a love for home and all that it encompasses. They believe homes should reflect the people who live in them. Like a great written work, great interiors tell a story.


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