Oslo is an incredible city, filled with chilling scenery that amazes the human eye with its calm beauty. In each building, one can expect a dazzling interior to accompany its outside. Given the abundance of beauty present in Oslo, one can expect the city to be filled with brilliant minds that bring life and warmth to the interior rooms. Here we present to you the 20 best interior designers based in Oslo that will certainly bring to your house the luxurious factor you are looking for.

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ACR Villa Skovly

Best Interior Designers

If you have an old house that needs extra care, or one that needs a serious upgrade, Villa Skovly is one of those Interior Designers that will perfectly coordinate all parts of your renovation project. They assist you with everything, from the ideas for the interior design to the implementation of that same idea. With them, your project is sure to thrive.

Florentz Design

This firm is one of the Interior Designers that helps clients set their homes for sale with the right design, furniture, and lighting. Designing restaurants, houses, cottages, and other projects like offices and apartments is also one of their greatest strengths.

Ørseng interiørarkitektur

Ørseng Interiørarkitektur offers complete and unique interior solutions that will surely amaze anyone who comes across them. The firm is run by Kristin Strand Ørseng, and her extensive experience helps it thrive and take on a wide variety of assignments, both in terms of size, style and budget.


Luxbostyle, a design company that excels in the creation of functional rooms for home styling, is a pro at designs timeless, classic, and luxurious designs that will appeal to anyone. They believe in customization and will work with you to create a final product that is tailored to your needs. A truly great giant among other interior designers.

Øyvind Wyller

Øyvind Wyller is a product designer that focuses on furniture, lamps, and similar accessories. Working in collaboration with other companies, this designer stands out among other interior designers for his incredible artful objects that combine classic elements of Scandinavian design with unusual aspects.


Snøhetta is an international architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design office based in Oslo. Their work is based on enhancing our own senses of surroundings and the physical relationships we have with other creatures. Their revolutionary design makes them be more noticeable among other interior designers of the field.

Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

Christian’s & Hennie

Christian’s & Hennie consists of seven interior designers and architects and two managers that together, execute large (or small) projects that range from cabins in the Norwegian countryside to penthouses in LA. They have an impressive and varied portfolio.

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Studio Gathe

Hanne Gathe, an Oslo based interior designer, works with international clients to create beautiful and unique pieces of work. She is specialized in hospitality and high end residential.  With her by your side, you can be sure to have an interior design that is both sophisticated and highly functional.

FabLab Design

FabLab Design AS is great among other interior designers, specializing in distinctive professional environments that are based on the real needs of users. They work around the colors, forms, and materials that empower people to collaborate and perform at their best.

YSA Design

YSA DESIGN is a leader when it comes to the cruise ship industry, they are interior designers that have an extensive client list who trusts in their high expertise and their exclusive combination of experience and creativity.

Krista Hartmann

Like many other interior designers, Krista aims to creat alongside her clients, committing herself to meet her client’s wishes while taking personal responsibility for each detail in her projects. She seeks to be practical when it comes to her solutions and her results are tailor-made for each client, creating a uniqueness that doesn’t let her be replicated.

Anemone Wille vüge

Anemone Wille Våge is one on Norway’s most acclaimed interior designers, and her work ranges from residential projects to chalets and offices. She moves from the modern to the classic and her goal is to create uniqueness in all her projects, based on each client’s characteristics.


Motivated by relationships, these interior designers frame everything in terms of human values. Their service is both sensible and organized, creating personalized experiences that will make any client’s mouth drop open. They are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


Aiming for sustainability, these interior designers aim to make the least possible damage when bringing to life their interior designs. Tailoring each project to their client’s needs, their results are both unique and incredibly modern, making them stand out among the rest.

Cs Interior Designs

Tailoring all solutions to their client’s needs, these interior designers like to believe that passion and sophistication have become their trademark in the design world. Their professional team of innovative people is certainly going to bring you uniqueness and differentiation from the rest.


Metropolis hopes to stand out in a sea of thousands of other interior designers with their unique visual identity and their varied style that has no particular affiliation. Each of their projects is the result of listening to their clients and meticulously designing every solution. Truly a standout among other Norwegian designers.

Adjaye Associates

Approaching design as something that unfolds cinematically, Adjaye strives to enrich the daily life and diversify the needs of those they serve. Intimate or Expansivem, their projects are bridges between the human body, the society and the world.


Working rooms from the inside, to the outside, these interior designers revitalize, rehabilitate and build new. Basing their solutions on their client’s needs, they seek uniqueness and strive for perfect details, solidity and quality in all design. Essentially, they believe that good communication is key to great work.


Creating functional and inspiring environments in whatever project comes across them, these interior designers have a broad portfolio that covers offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, housing and housing development. Their aim is to create new concepts and break new ground. This company is one to keep an eye on.

Paulsen & Nilsen

These interior designers work with high-end private residences, boutique hotels, restaurants and other specialised commercial spaces. Paulsen and Nilsen have always focused on the client and his wishes, providing a fantastic service that has positioned them highly in the interior design world.

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