Rug Designers Inspiration is our topic for today! Sometimes we all need that extra inspiration to fill our house with the trendiest and most elegant accent items out there; so we gathered 10 top interior designers and their rugs just to give your imagination the extra boost!

We will start with Cocolea Furniture, followed by Design Lounge, Amy Lau, Al Mana Galleria, Illulian, Scott and Cooner, Jonathan Adler, Greg Natale, Kelly Wearstler and last but not least, Jeff Schlarb.

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Rug Designers

Cocolea Furniture

Rug Designers Inspiration, Our Top 10 List!

Cocolea Furniture is an Australian firm that has a wide range of products that goes from cushions to chandeliers, from crafted storage to the most sophisticated upholstery.

Design Lounge

Rug Designers Inspiration, Our Top 10 List!

Design Lounge, notable for their outstanding comfort, high functionality and amazing quality, produce some of the market’s best quality furniture and rugs. The brand is also concern about their clients, making sure they improve their environment with every product – and more importantly about themselves.

Amy Lau

Rug Designers Inspiration, Our Top 10 List!

Founded in 2001, Amy Lau Design creates interiors known for their warmth, expressiveness and impeccable attention to detail. Amy has a reverence for the inherent beauty of natural materials, landscapes, and thoughtfully incorporates elements of each into every project.

Al Mana Galleria

Al Mana Galleria is a platform for new and upcoming international and strong emerging brands, which are newly introduced and developed in the region. The platform aims to provide a unique brand portfolio and brand experience in lifestyle furniture, retail category, with brands carefully sourced and found from countries all over the world. We handpicked some of their best rug design.


Illulian has been around for over sixty years. The brand internationally renown in the design and luxury accessory sector has built a path of continuous growth and evolution. Founded in 1959, the company – now led by Davis and Bendis Ronchetti Illulian – is an exclusive point of reference in the field of modern and antique rugs, with collections that in addition to being exclusive furnishing proposals, represent real works of art capable to preserve all their charm intact over time.

Scott and Cooner

The team of Scott and Cooner have collected and curated some of the best design in the world all the way from Texas, due to their shared love for classic and modern European furnishings. The same happens with their fantastic collections of contemporary rugs. Lloyd and Josy are dedicated to supporting the worldwide design community and travel extensively to Europe to the major furniture fairs.

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Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler created a company with retail locations worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, a full slate of residential and commercial projects, and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations globally.

Greg Natale

Rug Designers Inspiration, Our Top 10 List!

Greg Natale is a multi-award-winning interior designer known for being passionate about interior design and for completely having mastered the use of patterns and colours, and his daring use of both to create tailored, glamorous and sophisticated spaces.

Kelly Wearstler

Rug Designers Inspiration, Our Top 10 List!

As an interior designer, Kelly Wearstler finds influence in Modernism and old Hollywood glamour as created by Dorothy Draper and William Haines, and the work of architect Aldo Rossi. Her style has been described as Hollywood Regency and Maximalism. She is credited, alongside Jonathan Adler and Miles Redd, to have brought “the florid and the decorative back to interior design”.

Jeff Schlarb

Rug Designers Inspiration, Our Top 10 List!

Jeff Schlarb Design Studio, based in San Francisco, California holds as its expertise custom decoration projects, interior architecture, kitchen and bathroom renovations. Jeff Schlarb’s style leans on a more classic contemporary body of work. JSDS team’s main goal is all about constructing comfortable and artistic residences.

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