iSaloni 2020 … Ready to Set Trends

iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

iSaloni 2020 is almost here and there is no better place than this tradeshow to meet the new top trends of interior design for the following year. Milan is the city where the design gets a voice and will vibrate with the amount of style and energy that comes from the creative essences of designers from all around the world.

During the period of 16-21 June 2020, you will be able to find a variety of solutions for your interior design project. See the events you can’t miss at iSaloni 2020!

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Salone del Mobile

iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

Salone del Mobile is known as the main event, being the international showcase for creativity, as well as a forum for industry professionals. Throughout the years it has had more than 370,000 attendees on average, every year, from 188 different nations.

The event is split into three style categories: Classic, (valuing tradition, craftsmanship, and skill in the art of making furniture and objects), Design (focusing on projects that reflect functionality, innovation, and style). The following topics are also part of iSaloni 2020.

International Furnishing
Accessories Exhibition

iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

With a range of more than 200 exhibitors in this part of the event, you will be able to find a varied and comprehensive selection of excellent pieces. Within this area of the event, you can find essentials for home furnishing system, decorative objects, furnishing accessories and textiles for the home.

Workplace 3.0

iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

Workplace3.0 consists of an innovative exhibition area devoted to design and technology in workspace planning. It debuted in 2019 with a new and innovative format meant to reflect on the social transformation of the workspace into a flexible, permeable and dynamic area. This is the ideal setting to find the finest products meant for procurement plans, reception areas and office spaces.



iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

S.Project consists of a crosscutting space devoted to design products and decorative and technical interior design solutions. The furniture selection here is varied and meant for more than one area. This area of iSaloni 2020 aims to be a new business-to-business platform, being the ideal place for showcasing manufacturing excellence and variety.


iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

As the name indicates, Euro Cucina will be displaying a vast array of top quality goods within the kitchen area. A walk through this part of iSaloni 2020 will introduce you to new shapes, colors and materials which will be showing you the kitchen as a place for conviviality and interaction with the outside world.

International Bathroom Exhibition

iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

As there is a part of iSaloni 2020 dedicated to specific parts of the house, of course, it is no wonder there is a section dedicated to the bathroom. The International Bathroom Exhibition will be introducing you to innovative products and ideas for bathrooms in the round. All the essentials regarding what makes a modern bathroom you can find here.


iSaloni 2020: Get Ready For The Trendiest Tradeshow

SaloneSatellite is the ideal place for aspiring young designers. The main purpose of this section is to show the potentials of designers under 35 who will be presenting their innovative prototypes and ideas for the upcoming future. The main aim of SaloneSatellite is to imagine how the creativity of future generations will forge a new, perfect balance between project, function, and beauty.

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