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Brown is known as the colour of earth and is always associated with the majority of people’s eyes. This earth tone can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere and is perfect if you love nature and relaxing ambiences, especially if you love to be in touch with the earth and nature. So, infuse your space with the energy and the warmth of brown colour and it will help you relax and find the right balance. To inspire you, Rug’Society brings you the trendiest ambiences to follow this trend.

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Bauhau Living Room

Brown Inspirations: The Mother Earth Reflexions

Geometric Patterns are so versatile as the brown colour, to accommodate a range of tastes and can easily be integrated with whatever interior design trend is popular that year. Our Bauhau rug is the perfect representation of geometric style and it’s a journey through the history of the Bauhaus style, modernity and ideology, which can be in your living room.

White Garden Hallway

Brown Inspirations: The Mother Earth Reflexions

The brown colour is perfect for you if you love nature and relaxing environments, especially if you like to be in touch with earth and nature. This ambience is proof that earth tones bring a warm and nature-friendly atmosphere within our home.


Toulousse Dining Room

Brown Inspirations: The Mother Earth Reflexions

The living room is a place to gather and spend time with our families and relatives. What comes to Living room interiors is that represents ourselves from bringing colour to house and make you love your home more than ever. With our Toulousse rug, you will bring your living room to alive, like a first flower blooming after a long winter.

Kotta Living Room

Brown Inspirations: The Mother Earth Reflexions

This brown ambience shows us the power of nature inside our home decoration, making it a unique place. With the earth tones giving the warm touch, the Kotta rug full of animal print and the Huang sideboard inspired by the magnificence of nature, this ambience can create a sense of nature-friendly and comfort.

Kalina Living Room

Brown Inspirations: The Mother Earth Reflexions

The Kalina are indigenous people native to the northern coastal areas of South America. Due to the lack of a written form of language, the histories and traditions of the Kalina people are transmitted until this day in the oral form, passing through generations. Their myths, legends, and tales are narrated today on KALINA rectangle Tencel rug’s long lines that will elegantly finish any beautiful modern home decor.

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