Classic style, just like the name shows, is in itself the definition of iconic. Its elegance and comfort remount us to art, to the antique and to symmetry. The aesthetical appeal of this movement is able to make you feel longing, even bringing up a nostalgic feeling.

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Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces

Classic is all about harmony, order and friendly charm. In interior design, neutral paint on the walls is the ideal canvas for this deco, so that it can hence the room’s furniture, artwork and accent pieces. Inspired by the 18th and 19th-century European décor, this is a timeless style, rich with history.

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The style prides itself on its harmony, order and its friendly charm. Fusing bold accents colours with neutral walls in order to create a warm and inviting space which also feels dignified. Patterns are also standard décor, and the hardwood floors are always dark coloured wood tones like maple, mahogany, cherry, Merbau and walnut. But, today, Rug’Society bring you the most exquisite selection of Classic rugs to help you to achieve the best and more stylish classic interior design.


Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces

With pulsing colours, timeless patterns, luxurious materials this collection gives a strong base to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. Bold graphic designs and authentic creations without limits. A classic collection that enriches spaces.

Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces


The Royalis rug features unusual yet spectacular materials and patterns. Especially for small areas, this green and grey carpet is the piece you need to step up your home decor.

Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces



Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces

Inspired by the darkness of the night, Midnight is part of the classic collection. Inside, the shape of the square is repeated, creating a pleasant play of lights and shadows and, at the same time, an interesting optical illusion.

Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces


Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces

The elegant curved lines are completed by quadratic forms. Gold is a dominant element in radiating the feeling of luxury and can be combined with pastel colours and ivory in white fabric and fine materials.

Classic Collection That Enriches Spaces

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