Earth Tones, or natural colours, can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere. This colour scheme is based on natural elements such as green leaves, brown soil, clouds or the blue reflections of the sky in the water. It is associated with peaceful moods and serene settings.

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Earth Tones - Trends 2019

An earth magnetism will stimulate the home decor this fall-winter season. A fusion between design and colours shapes, meant to create warming interiors. Nature details, light games and vibrant colours all to produce a cosy atmosphere. So, infuse your space with the energy and the warmth of these earth tones, it will help you relax and find the right balance.

Earth Tones - Trends 2019

Earth Tones is the perfect colour trend for you if you love nature and relaxing ambiances especially if you love to be in touch with the earth and nature. To help you, Rug’Society brings you the trendiest pieces to follow this trend.

West Rug

Earth Tones - Trends 2019

Graphic design inspired by the conjugation of light and shadows with different perspectives of relief colours. The reference of wood brown shades makes this rug the perfect Mid-Century piece.

Mermaid Rug

Earth Tones - Trends 2019

Inspired by the feminine representation of the sea, the Mermaid Rug transmits to us her delicacy and her strength. Although the piece is inspired by the sea, it meets the land with its earth tones, creating a piece truly inspired by nature.


Apollo Rug

Earth Tones - Trends 2019

Named after the Greek god of youth and light. Apollo was primarily identified as a solar divinity and one of the most eclectic divinities of Greco-Roman mythology. His link to the sun and the earth makes him the ideal inspiration for the earth tones trend.

Kankan II Cushion

Earth Tones - Trends 2019

Kankan II gives you the ability to relate to your house on a more personal and deeper level. The earth tones bring you warmth, transforming your house is a true oasis of comfort and design.

Kleo II Cushion

Earth Tones - Trends 2019

Elegant shapes in velvet in earth tones, hand embroidery, natural silk and dazzling jacquards with decorations. A true piece of art with a timeless SOUL.

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