With an all-encompassing command of the living environment, Anouska Hempel creates a theatrical world and sense of harmony over everyday life – designing for the total experience. Having Anouska Hempel create an interior design project for you it’s the epitome of the luxury interior design experience in Australia. Today, we’re taking a look at some of her most glorious interior design projects.

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Anouska Hempel Interior Design

In this first project in Wiltshire, England, Anouska Hempel takes us to a world of charm, fantasy and mystery. Romance is the keyword in her projects, translating that fairly well in the stunning patterns and colour schemes, and the incredible furniture pieces that are often found in any Hempel interior design project. Fantastic and whimsical, that’s how we’d describe this project.

Knightsbridge manor apartment


Anouska Hempel Interior Design

This interior design project in Lichtenstein easily translates the theatrical vision Hempel has, giving us major luxury vibes with a touch of refinement and incredible attention to detail. The manor-style decor creates a space that is irresistible to the eye and that we’re simply obsessed with.

Anouska Hempel Interior Design

“Design follows where imagination goes.”
Anouska Hempel


Anouska Hempel Interior Design

The Franklin Hotel in London is another great example of where the experience and passion of Hempel are easily seen in her interior design projects. Stunning patterns in a black, grey and white palette brings us a strong and powerful design that is easily one of our favourites.

Anouska Hempel Interior Design

In the Beluga yacht, decorated by Anouska Hempel, the tradition of creating a space that can be taken at once and provide a calm and intimate feeling with a subtle layering is evident in every detail. One glance is all it takes to recognize the mastery of Hempel’s vision.

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