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Alberto Pinto

The historical founder of the Alberto Pinto Studio was the late Alberto Pinto, one of the biggest Icons of French Interior Design that during his life built his works on the mixture of styles.

« Whatever the style, I love eclecticism. What is important is the volume, the space and the light. » – Alberto Pinto

After he died, his Studio carried on. Today the Interior Design Studio is considered one of the Top Design Studios in France and, by maintaining this status, it has honoured Alberto Pinto’s memory and legacy. Currently, the Studio is an interior design and decoration office of 60 people whose domains of intervention cover not only the realization of private residences, office buildings, hotels, but also yachts or private jets.

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Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto borrowed a lot from various cultural influences since his earliest childhood. As an inescapable actor of interior design, he has built his works on the interbreeding and mixture of genders from more than baroque to less than bare. Refusing to conceive narrow and closed universes, he naturally oriented himself towards “big projects”. Used to rising to challenges which would scare others away, he particularly appreciated being given gigantic spaces in which he put together styles and very different periods in always perfect harmony.

Alberto Pinto

Strengthened by his experience and always looking for new challenges, Alberto Pinto specialized himself in atypical places such as large yachts or private jets. The eclecticism of his interior design projects and his insatiable quest for perfection and for refinement allowed him to discover the best international artisans with whom he regularly surrounded himself. Following Alberto’s passing in 2012, his sister Linda, having always worked at his side, naturally took over the management of Alberto Pinto Interior Design.

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Alberto Pinto

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