Navajo Style Trend… the power of matching different patterns.

Navajo Style Trend is here to show the power of matching different patterns. With tribal patterns, fringing and geometric yet organic motifs, this trend will embrace your home decoration. Let’s find out a world full of patterns!

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Navajo Style


The Navajo Style is the most influential tribe when it comes to style and design. Through hundreds of years, the Navajo has influenced fashion and design by their history of textiles, pottery and leather goods.


Navajo Style

To grace the interior design, Navajo Style has an enormous portfolio of decoration pieces. With this trend, we can use rugs, blankets, cushions or even upholstery to show the power of Navajo into our home. The elegant and beauty of this style is recognized by all the interior designers because like Joe Nye said: “The Navajo weaving was the thread that pulled everything together”.

Navajo Style

Traditions are getting back to the following years and people are getting interested bt them. The Navajo Style is the perfect representation of traditional patterns because they connect people, in an emotional way, to their cultures.


Oslo is a round rug named after the Norwegian capital has a long snow-white pile with spots. A piece that combines comfort with nobility.

Inspired by Freddie Mercury, the Fredy Cushion promises o bring all the glamour to interior decoration. With undulating lines, this cushion is the perfect solution for an elegant decorative item.

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