Textiles trend 2019 is the protagonist of decoration and interior design.

Textiles trend 2019  is the new trend of the year, so let’s be inspired by these magnificent elements. Whatever room of your home, the textiles are always the essential elements in every space, making them alternative and comfortables. If you want to make a twist to your interior design without distorting all the furniture, you definitely should invest in these versatile elements.

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Dragon Fly Fabric


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Textiles trend 2019 is the protagonist of decoration and interior design. Textiles are such a major component of material cultures and, since global influences are everywhere, you’ll see touches of earthy textiles with exotic patterns. With these elements, you can dress up your home in a way that feels comfortable and transmits a cosier feeling.

Peony Fabric


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These elements are a new approach to home decoration, an expression of trends and elements with a unique design and a strong visual impact. To this textiles trend 2019, we are presented with floral patterns and animal elements, that evoke the nature element to interior design. With the nature elements at your home decoration, this textiles trend will make you bring the botanical exterior to the hospitality interior, making them a unique place.


Vanilla Black Fabric


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Decorating and redecorating rooms with textiles, is a great solution to make our home decoration more personal and allows each part of the house to have a different theme or pattern. The textiles are allowed in every part of your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen. The textiles trend 2019 versatile are here to make you fall in love and to become a must-have in home decoration and interior design.

Combo Pearl 1


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