Jeffrey Design’s philosophy is to interpret the uniqueness of each client into a physical reality and to provide superior service and timeless quality so you will never consider going elsewhere. The firm is committed to working smarter in order to anticipate and resolve issues.


Growing up loving fashion and playing with colors, textures, patterns, forms, and layers, Jeffrey started using his talent to mix and match shirts, pants, and coats. Then he started managing several very detail- oriented projects and learned to run and manage a business in a very competitive field.

It was always in his mind that he would someday be an interior designer. He started from the ground up and was trained by a top architectural and design firm to handle their US projects where he managed several multi-million dollar installations.


After, it was time to start a business of my own. In 2008 Jeffrey Johnson LLC was born. He focused on contemporary interior design where he had projects in Nashville, TN, Dallas, TX and now venturing into LA, here in California.


Most of the times, he learn as much as he can about a client’s needs and how they live their daily lives. This help him create a space that is beautiful and very tailored to them both functionally and aesthetically.

During the process, his project management style is very detail-oriented and organized. He works directly with the clients to make sure to source the very best quality for the established budget. His main goal in his job is to keep things moving forward as smoothly as possible while advocating for his clienst to make sure that your wants and needs are being addressed every step of the way.


His approach with his work is important for him: everyone act as if they are a team with an only goal to give to the client the best space possible. A week before installation, he works with his receiver to confirm the list of items for delivery on the day of installation and where each piece is placed and positioned in the home.  He always feels very humbled and blessed to see the final results on the installation day.


It is a bittersweet ending because Jeffrey loves seeing how much the client loves its new space but know that will be moving on to the next project. With hugs and gifts, he leaves his clients but always keep in touch and have been asked him back several times to work on something new.

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