Fauna and Flora

Fauna and Flora

Trends are always developing and give us new ideas to make our home a more beautiful and exclusive place. Fauna and Flora have been a prominent feature of interior design for centuries. This is one of the easiest ways to add character to your space. Plants are known to reduce stress and some pollutants, so bringing them into your home will go far beyond the aesthetic sense, but will produce benefits to your health.

With Fauna and Flora trend, we can bring the botanical exterior inside, making them a unique place. You can see this inspirational moodboard: an exotic look can make the space more alive and the combination of patterns and textures can be endless.
Leaf printing, soft furnishings, mixed accessories, small marble details, exotic wallpaper, patterns, tropical prints and delicate floral scents that accompany the aesthetics of the space. These are the best examples to use when decorating this trend.
The use of bright curtains, upholstery and fabric will give a touch of natural beauty and cohesion to any room.


Fauna and Flora


Fauna and Flora

With the Fauna and Flora trend you can exaggerate, twisting the furniture with a fantastic rug that recalls the snake’s texture, or by focusing on accessories, with this stylish and enigmatic pillow.


Fauna and Flora

Whether you choose to use more flora or fauna, it doesn’t matter: the important thing is to find the style that suits you best to ensure that the interior design reflects the personality of the one who lives those environments. It is a style that is friendly to nature, soft colors and not too strong, with tropical prints that recall natural landscapes.


Fauna and Flora


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