Dar FACE Engineers.

Since its foundation in 1998, has become one of the leading architectural, structural, electromechanical, infrastructure design and construction companies in Kuwait, offering programming, planning, interior design, strategic planning, value engineering, consulting and program management.

Private Villa, Al-Shuwaikh -B, Kuwait

Dar Face

Building a multifaceted practice around the interests of our main designers, Dar FACE has cultivated a diversified portfolio of private and government client projects in different areas of complementary practice. The fundamental practices of Dar FACE range from urban planning, to the cultural / work context, to construction supervision and so on.

Private Villa, Al-Qadisiya, Kuwait

Dar Face

The dual attention to customer satisfaction and excellence in design have favored the organic growth of the company. Starting from large design offices, the company is expanded, bringing their projects to become a reference point in their sustainable architecture, aesthetics, form and function.

Light House Hotel, Farwaniya, Kuwait

Dar Face

The focus is on the knowledge of the client’s interests, the type of project, the context and the budget and the problems of part of the level design projects with proven skills. Dar FACE deals with various projects, which really range in a small number of areas. As for interior design, there are three most incisive projects: let’s see which ones!

Wataniya Telecom – New Headquarters Interior Design

Dar Face

Private Villa, Fintas, Kuwait

Dar Face

KMEFIC Headquarters, Jasem Tower, Murgab, Kuwait

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