Since Alexa Hampton took over the reins of Mark Hampton, her father’s iconic firm, as owner and president in 1998, has carried on her legacy, consisting of elegant, practical and classic interiors for modern life – and has extended its reach globally.

alexa hampton

Alexa Hampton

From New York to Hangzhou, China, his portfolio of projects includes luxurious multi-level urban apartments, extended city and country residences, private planes and yachts. Alexa Hampton, quoted several times by AD, translates the classic principles of good design and decoration into some of the most elegant, durable and functional domestic landscapes of these times.

Park Avenue Duplex Apartment

Already at a young age, Alexa Hampton learned the language of good design, the vocabulary to say it and the elements that define it, flattering his father in his projects. As the daughter of interior design legend Mark Hampton, she traveled the world beside her father, visiting great architectural monuments and discovering beauty, training her eyes.

Louisiana House

Now one of America’s most influential designers, Alexa Hampton offers a tour of beautiful residences from her portfolio. In his book “The Language of Interior Design”, in eighteen spaces, the elements that govern cultivated design are illustrated in detail: contrast, proportion, color and balance.

alexa hampton

Residences include an important McKim, a 1912 Mead & White restoration on Fifth Avenue in New York; an eclectic house on the sea layered in textures, patterns and colors; a contemporary apartment characterized by simple geometries and clean lines; and Hampton’s apartment, filled with an exquisite collection of architectural elements.

Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2014

Long Island House

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