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fluid shapes


Fluid shapes dominate this trend, instead of geometric lines and sharp edges. But what exactly is the trend of fluid forms? From circular swivel chairs to curvy sofas, this season is based on a more formal and elegant design aesthetic.

fluid shapes

Get ready to be amazed because Fluid Shapes trend can bring the luxurious style of exclusive interior design, without giving up the comfort and convenience of your furniture!
This trend is present in the sinuous lines that can be found in the soft and fluid shapes.

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fluid shapes

This aesthetic is a hallmark of this trend and offers a respite from the most geometric and modern lines. For example, our La Land is a long pile that has several pastel colors that blend with it his fluffy feeling, which makes it a very trendy piece and that can be the symbol of this trend.

fluid shapes

This tendency can also be present on textures, with rounded and curved details. The curved details will make your space more dynamic, especially if the furniture is in line with this fluid design and with movement.

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fluid shapes


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