Animal print

Animal print.

Summer is almost upon us, and the time has come to give a more summery and tropical touch to the decor. What better way than to opt for a great must, an iconic and timeless trend: that of Animal print.

Being a very marked and decisive style, maybe it doesn’t meet everyone’s tastes, but it can be easily dosed inside the home. In short, it is not mandatory to exaggerate and find yourself in a jungle! Indeed, it can be very elegant and refined if used lightly, above all by focusing on some details that are not too obvious.


Contrary to what an ancient popular custom would have it, handed down from generation to generation, it is not necessary to put the rugs back in the summer period. Indeed, they can be a valuable ally in the event that you want to enrich your interior design with animal prints. This operation can be done discreetly, as for example with our META rug, inspired by the python texture, or more fancifully with the FELINE rug.


With this rough drawingin combination with strong lists of zigzags that figuratively prevent the tigers from attacking their prey, FELINE rug is a metaphoric force that the animal may have in controversy with human action. Rich in different textures and different materials, it’s a piece that can turn your space upside down and give it something extra.


As noted above, details can make the difference. Through this beautiful pillow, you can insert the animal print with discretion of your furniture, without being necessarily exaggerated.


Chic, glamor, bon ton, pop, soft, provocative, lustful; the animalier has always fascinated many designers thanks to its multiple identities. Considered one of the cornerstones of the fashion system and today defined by many as “the new black”, due to its excessive use, the animal is present on the catwalks from the second half of the 20th century.


From the home salon, to offices, to everyday tools, to PC, iPhone and iPad covers; animal print also conquers design. The daytime environments are transformed into a jungle thanks also to the designers, who bring back the typical prints of their collections into super-exclusive and captivating furnishing objects.


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