Besides style, colour is the other thing most important on a trend.

The colour baby blue represents both the sky and the sea and it can represent depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith heaven, inspiration, imagination, intuition, expansiveness, and, most important, sensitivity.

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baby blue

This light blue shade has positive effects and the mind and the body, so baby blue is perfect if you want to create a calm and relax ambience in your home. Next to neutrals, this is the easier colour to work with. This hue is versatile, elegant and refreshing.


baby blue

This baby blue trend can bring freshness since it can be compared to an icy shade of blue that evokes the sea and the skies with a cool and calming feel. Sitting in a blue room is like forgetting all about reality, entering an unreal territory.

baby blue

Baby Blue is a very much loved shade, perfect for a quiet, not fancy environment, very easy to combine with other colours in every space.

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