Contemporary rugs into design hotels can really inspire us

with their unique combination of art and decor.

The interior of a hotel always must meet the high expectations of some demanding clients, observers, who seek care in every detail and greater comfort than that experienced in everyday life. Hotels have the most comfortable beds, the most comfortable sofas, and most important of all, the best fluffy and comfortable, contemporary rugs. We put our feet in a little piece of heaven and gives us all the time the feel of luxury that we always wanted.
To prevent this important part from being neglected, we must show you that rugs have the same importance as other accessories of decoration within a hotel design.
For our first rug choice, we have Himba, inspired by a tribe from Angola. This contemporary rug is made from hand-knotted thin wool carpet, coloured with hot scarlet tone to give a strong and powerful luxury feeling to an entrance as we see on the image.

With such a clean ambiance, freestanding rugs can set an emphasis. Placed in some areas of the hotel, they emphasize the surface of the floor, bring a touch of brighter color and create a sense of luxury with their length and the texture of the surface. In the example above, we can see how the beautiful materials and style of this type of rugs work well with general furnishings, bringing positive vibrations into the environment.

In the bedrooms, the classic contemporary rugs can create a welcoming environment while all the material can tell you stories about how textures, scents, flavors and natural colors can create a perfect overall harmony.
These large rugs with an elegant neutral palette, give brightness to any space giving rich accents of colors and golden details. The rooms are embellished with exclusive handcrafted furniture that creates a luxurious but welcoming environment, a combination that is difficult to achieve, but that with these beautiful and amazing contemporary rugs is possible to catch.

contemporary rugs

Do you like these contemporary rugs?

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