If you are attent to the event of Milan Design Week you probably need a good place to stay on this inspirational week. So here is the top accommodation in the city of Brera where we can appreciate the quality and excellence.

Bulgari Hotel Milan

Bulgaria Hotel was renovated in the 18th-century Milanese palazzo, situated in the heart of the city and hides a lovely 4,000-square-meter private garden, a natural extension of the nearby Botanical Garden. Overall it’s a perfect option if you want absolute relaxation after the big city agitation.

Armani Hotel Milano

This hotel by Giorgio Armani will be perfect for you to enjoy the sophistication of its design. You will truly be amazed by the chic aesthetic that this place has to offer as well as by the amazing glass roof on top of this establishment.

Mandarin Oriental

This is one of many hotels in Milan that were rebuilt out of some classical buildings of the city. Based on a previous 18th-century building, Mandarin Oriental presents itself as having a decoration with the best of Italian culture, mixed in with an Oriental touch. You will be enjoying one of the most luxurious hotels in the city and a stunning view of Milan through the terrace.

Hotel Milano Scala

Located in the heart of the city this 4-star hotel, aside from providing some of the best accommodations you’ll find in Brera, allows you to stay a short walking distance away from reference places in the city such as the “La Scala” Theatre, the Cathedral (Duomo), the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery (Galleria), and even some “Fashion Streets” such as Via Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga.

Palazzo Parigi Milano

Prepare yourself to literally feel like you’re entering a royal palace. If you want a pure demonstration of the Milanese style and design, Palazzo Parigi will hit the spot for you! With a stunning architecture by  Paola Giambelli and an interior design by Pierre Yves Rochon, this establishment provides the best comfort and luxury with Italian and French influences in the mix.

Style Hotel

Lastly, we have a truly modern Luxury Boutique Hotel which is ready to welcome everyone, in a discreet and personalized way. The special Lounge Bar, as well as the exclusive Private SPA, are two elements that the hotel guarantee to make guests feel totally pampered.


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