An exquisite brand of Rugs and covering solutions

that mainly aims to transform rugs into pieces of art

Who we are

Rug'Society is an exquisite Portuguese brand of Rugs and Covering solutions that mainly aims to transform rugs into pieces of art.

Rug'Society presents with a bold and contemporay design, always thinking in the future, and giving our products a unique, exclusive and deluxe Design.

Artistic vision

Inspired by the surrounding life and experience, our designers search always for what’s different and iconic, mixing different visions, styles and characters.


Working with most prestiged artisans, carrying these arts on their hands like a legacy left from their family and years of experience.

Cultural Arts

Revival of all classic and memorable arts, bringing them from the past with a new look to the future, from Country to Ultra Classic.

The Deluxe of Past and Present

Bold and Contemporary Design

Our Production


The hand-tufting is one of the most flexible techniques – it allows endless possibilities in terms of shape, size, composition and style, almost as if it was a painting.






Production Techiniques

Rug'Society has a large collection of rugs, rich in colors, patterns and techiniques. Our products are made to appeal to the taste of all customers. We give to the client the possibility to combine different techiniques to create textures and optical illusion, like the scale of our Imperial Snake rug.

Design Service for Custom Rugs

With an affluent rugs collection, you can personalize our designs’ colors, shapes, textures and patterns. Your dream leads our creation.

Design Service for Bespoke Rugs

Rug’Society invites you to create your own rug design. This service offers you the opportunity to develop a unique design that fills in with your personality, creating harmony room by room in every project, and mainly giving colors and shapes to the rug of your dreams.  

Prime-Minister Official Residence

Vratika and Nakul Apartment

A Modern Fusion

Contemporary Walk-in-Closet

Living Rooms

Dining Rooms



Reading Corners




A collective of brands that aims to give a complete solution to everyone who look for creating unique interiors and reconnecting them to a modern contemporary style. Home’Society will present soon a gateway to a wide range of products that combine perfectly to create harmonious yet distinctive interiors.

Maison Valentina
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