RUG’SOCIETY aims to be the focus point of your project. With our specialised designers we want to bring the history and culture of tapestry to a current design in way not to be just rugs, but works of art. In addiction to residencial projects, we extend to contract ones too in order to create all flooring covering solutions through our hight quality materials. Rug’Society offers you a variety of collections and also signature creations by renewed names of the design world. We also have customisable solutions ideal to create the perfect environment for each project.

We want to be a part of your project… the biggest one!


Our team is young and visionary. Composed by specialised designers that gives you the best solutions and helps you too find the perfect piece for your project. Our designers are always updated about new trends and with the right knowledge about our manual techniques to let you with zero doubts and 100% informed. We want long lasting relationships and satisfied clients.


Some people feel like they are in paradise, dreaming about the future. Others are really conscentious! We look for someone ambitious, with a great desire to work hard and succeed in the world of Design.
Every day is different and especially often we have to work hard. But do not be scared, we also love party! Work in RUG’SOCIETY is a very special opportunity, a unique experience, and you cannot lose it!

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